How and Why to Connect with a Recruiter as Part of Your Job Search Efforts

Contacting Job Recruiters Can Be a Valuable Investment in Your Search Efforts

How and Why to Connect with a Recruiter as Part of Your Job Search EffortsWhether a job search is being conducted to find an entry-level position, to change career paths, or for the purpose of professional advancement, such an initiative can seem like a full-time job all on its own; with a major difference of course being that it does not come with any wages or benefits.

It takes a concentrated effort to implement all of the tasks/steps needed for an effective search; all without the guarantee that said energies will lead to a fruitful and satisfactory conclusion.  Any person who has ever looked for work, even a part-time role to make a little extra money in their high school or college years, will probably attest to the amount of time and attention that must be invested in a search, including the following actions:

  • Writing a resume and cover letter
  • Searching through various postings
  • Contacting their relatives and friends
  • Distributing resumes (online or via mail)
  • Completing/submitting application forms
  • Accessing social media sites like LinkedIn
  • Scheduling/preparing for any job interviews
  • Follow-up with recruiters or hiring managers

However, many of these same people could likely corroborate that, quite often, both the number and types of available jobs that they identify on their own may not be sufficient or consistent with their personal needs and interests.

But what other options does a job seeker have to try and find suitable employment?

One alternative would be to consider the services and expertise offered by a professional recruiter from a technical staffing agency such as Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.  Contacting Winters Technical Staffing for support with their search effort can link the job hunter with a team of expert recruiters who can be valuable assets in terms of focusing, streamlining, and accelerating the process; the benefits of collaborating with a technical staffing agency can include:

  • Directing efforts toward more selected and viable opportunities
  • Contacting a wider network of Toronto employers/hiring managers
  • Access to immediate job openings, including non-published postings
  • Coaching on revising the content/style of resumes and cover letters
  • Insight on compensation and potential support with salary negotiations
  • Recruiters have a vested interest in satisfying job hunters and employers

When it comes to contacting and connecting with a staffing agency to support one’s job search efforts, it will be important for a candidate to keep several factors in mind about working with recruiters; these are essentially a list of responsibilities that lie with the job seekers, presented below in a do-and-don’t style summary for purposes of simplicity:

  • Contacting Recruiters – Do:
    • Some Research
      • Identify the staffing agencies that will support personal goals and needs
      • Examine their areas of specialization – do they align with skills/interests?
    • Set Preferences
      • Create a list of needs, preferences, and employment expectations
      • Specify type of job (full-time, part-time, contract), location, salary
      • Note any jobs, employers, and industries that would not be of interest
    • Draft a Resume
      • Outline major skills, education/knowledge, training, work experience
      • Ensure that all of the information is current as well as factual/accurate
    • Review Online Profiles
      • Create or update a LinkedIn profile – work history, connections, groups
      • Be sure that all Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts are appropriate
      • If needed, establish an e-mail address that reflects more professionalism
  • Contacting Recruiters – Do Not:
    • View them as an opportunity to obtain no-cost career counselling
    • Expect to sit back idly as they do all the work to find the right job
    • Try to use them as leverage/clout for contacting employers directly
    • Omit background information that can lead to later embarrassment
    • Ask them to be personal references or to give preferential treatment

When one takes all of the above into consideration, perhaps an ultimate summary might be that it is the job seeker’s responsibility to demonstrate the type of character and work ethic that best represents themselves and the recruiters to all prospective employers.

Over 45 Years of Successfully Placing Candidates through Our Talent Network

Successfully Placing Candidates through Our Talent NetworkSimilar to other important initiatives in life, research and preparation will undoubtedly be beneficial when contacting a staffing agency to collaborate in one’s efforts to find a new job; a complete understanding of a candidate’s needs, preferences, and background plus a strong personal and professional profile will allow the recruiters to confidently present the candidate for appropriate positions and enhance the probability of achieving success.

For more than 45 years, Winters Technical Staffing, a leading staffing agency in Toronto, has been successfully placing entry-level and experienced job seekers with employers in a wide range of industries including but not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Skilled Trades
  • Manufacturing

Candidates seeking employment in any of these areas of specialization are invited to join the talent network at Winters Technical Staffing by submitting their personal information and a resume via.

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