A Guide To Follow Up On Your Job Application

What Is The One Advice That Has Been Constant In Job Search Advice Columns?

Send a thank you note after attending an interview.

A thank you note helps you stand out from among the many other candidates vying for the same position. Many candidates, however, forget to apply this advice to the post job application submission process.

The usual tendency is to prepare a comprehensive resume and write a great cover letter, and then send it out to as many prospective employers as possible. For many, the application process ends here and the waiting process begins. If you are lucky you might get a call from the hiring manager but for most it turns into an endless wait.
“I don’t want to seem desperate” is the common response we get from most of the candidates we interact with. Yes, over-eager candidates can prove annoying. Expressing your interest in the position can, however, be done in a diplomatic and pleasing manner. Done right, job application follow up can not only become an effective way of indicating your keen interest in the job but it is also a way of ensuring that you feature on the radar of the recruiting manager. This could also prove to be an opportunity to provide the recruiter additional information about your skills, experience, or qualification and strengthen your candidature.

What Are The Key Points You Need To Bear In Mind While Doing Job Application Follow Up?

  • Don’t wait too long: You should ideally follow up in a week’s time. If this was a position for which you were contacted via email by the placement agency or even the company directly, you should follow up as soon as possible. However, if the advertisement you responded to mentioned a deadline for submission, it’s best to wait a few days after the deadline is over before following up.
  • Identify a point of contact: If you have mailed your resume to a generic email address or postal mailbox, then you need to identify a person within the recruitment team of the company you have applied to. LinkedIn and other social media sites today make it possible to research a company and even its employees quite extensively. The personal touch can work wonders.
  • Research the role and the company: In the interval between submitting your application and following up you should ideally research the role as well as the firm in greater depth. This will provide you with enough data points to make your follow up call an interesting and informative experience for the hiring manager.
  • Be diplomatic in your approach: Remember, the hiring manager receives hundreds of job applications a day and probably half as many calls inquiring about the status of various applications. Call and provide a background about your application and inquire if additional information is required. Avoid asking for an interview appointment directly as this can come across as aggressive and pushy.

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