Job Searching Through A Placement Agency While Still Employed

There are many reasons why employees leave their companies to go job searching. Seeking out better prospects while still employed is a risky move no doubt, but it can act like insurance during uncertain times. For instance, if there is a sudden downsizing at your company, the majority of your co-workers would be in a state of distress. You, on the other hand, can relax knowing you took care of yourself by preparing for this eventuality.

For individuals who have not tried job searching using a placement agency, here is some helpful advice on how to go about the process.

Maintain Professionalism

Never use company time or resources in your job searching efforts. Your emails and other communications are bound to be monitored. Avoid using office systems to contact a placement agency or potential recruiters. Of course, it is unethical to use the company printers and fax machines for printing and sending out resumes.


There can only be so many “doctor appointments” in a month! Schedule your interviews during lunch hour and before or after work. When there is no flexibility on the part of the interviewer, consider using available vacation time.

Keep It A Secret

Let it run wild through the office grapevine that you are job searching and the news will reach your boss in no time. Besides office politics, there may be many other reasons why your colleagues might spread this news. Don’t put your future career prospects on the line. Keep your job search efforts to yourself.

Other than the tips given above, always dress appropriately for an interview. If you dress casually in your current job, carry an easy change of clothes (like adding a formal jacket) with you. Be wary of giving your boss a “heads up” regarding pursuit of better opportunities. They might not take it in the way you intended. You may suddenly find yourself removed from major projects. Your employer then may be actively looking for your replacement.

Work References For Your Placement Agency

Do not use current co-workers as references. Reach out to someone you worked with previously in a different company. Be very honest with your placement agency and potential employers about the fact you are job searching confidentially without the knowledge of your current employer.

Stay focused and true to your current employer. Fulfill your responsibilities and be productive for the pay you are getting. Always keep in mind that you don’t have a new job yet. Unless you have that offer letter in your hand, no matter how successful you felt the interview was, do not hand in your resignation letter at your current place of work

Keep Your Placement Agency In The Loop

Make it known to any placement agency you may go through that you intend to fulfill your duties at your current job while you’re still there. That will help them find companies that will allow you to put in the proper two weeks’ notice at your current job.

One of the main advantages of job searching while still employed is the fact that you are not desperate for employment. This will reflect well in your interviews and help in negotiations with future employers.

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