Our Approach to Staffing Solutions

We are a leading Canada based employment agency skilled at sourcing temporary and permanent positions for employees in a variety of fields such as engineering and manufacturing.

The experts at Winters Technical Staffing know that quickly finding a great match between clients and candidates not only solves your human resources needs but also saves you time and money and helps you get back to running your business. We have the expertise and knowledge to offer reliable and dependable services including temporary and permanent staffing solutions for both business and those seeking work. We offer complete staffing services to meet the evolving requirements of everyone who comes to us.

Hiring the right candidate is not always an easy task. You must be sure that they not only match well with your company’s environment but that they also are qualified for the position you have available. This can be quite time-consuming and may lead to a trial and error approach that is neither cost-effective nor productive.

To help you with the selection of qualified candidates, the staff at Winters carefully analyze your business needs and the culture of your organization to understand who will best fit your open roles.

Through our proven process, we’ll:

  • Assign a dedicated staffing consultant specialized in your business and market sector
  • Develop an understanding of your systems and processes
  • Help identify your business needs
  • Visit your facility to learn more about the work environment
  • Analyze your corporate culture

We will identify the most qualified candidates through:

  • Careful applicant screening
  • Adherence to laws, rules, and regulations
  • Following our strong ethical standards
  • In-depth interviews to evaluate the relevant experience
  • Thorough reference checks, and police and credit checks as required
  • Confirming candidate credentials
  • Skills testing as required

Connecting Top Talent
With Great Companies

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Our evaluation procedure means you only have to choose the best candidate from a customized roster of qualified, pre-screened applicants with the skills and experience to meet your job specifications and the ability to adapt to your business environment.

We use our effective staffing solutions to deliver the best results and an enhanced quality of business while remaining committed to providing equal opportunities for all.

For more information about our services and staffing solutions in Toronto, contact us today. You could also schedule a complimentary consultation with our consultants to help us understand your needs.