Using A Placement Agency To Find Work Should Be A Collaborative Effort

Signing on with a placement agency is much more than just completing an application then sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring. Although placement agencies are in the business of finding employment for their pool of candidates, you must be willing to share the workload and take ownership and responsibility in your eventual placement.

When working with any Toronto placement agency to find a job, the amount of time and preparation that you invest in each of these steps or processes will be paramount to achieving the position that you desire:

  • Agency Fact-Finding Interview – Be fully prepared to answer questions about your specific needs and interests, skills, experience, salary expectations, relocation, etc.
  • Skill Assessment/Testing – Exhibit the willingness to demonstrate and/or confirm the proficiencies that you will highlight in your resume
  • Background Information – Collect and provide transcripts, references or letters of recommendation, training certifications, previous performance appraisals, and areas identified for ongoing development
  • Employer Communication – Prepare various drafts of your resume and cover letter
  • Training Sessions – Avidly participate in such sessions, if offered and as required
  • Job Interviews – Demonstrate flexibility in accepting such opportunities and proper demeanor during any interviews (you are representing yourself and the agency)

It has been said that a significant portion of one’s success can be directly attributed to the amount of time and planning that was initially invested in that project/program, etc. This also applies to your job seeking efforts – you must be fully engaged in your search and not be dependent on others (a placement agency) to do the work on your behalf.

How A Placement Agency Should Work

A placement agency has two clients that are mutually interconnected by the same job opening; the company that needs to fill that position and the job seeker who wants to be the successful applicant. This can be compounded by the fact that the agency often has more than one employer and more than one job seeker to satisfy at the same time.

This creates the need for a delicate balancing act on the part of the placement agency, which it can manage successfully through a synchronized emphasis on the following:

  • Building strong/cooperative working relationships with several different employers
  • Demonstrating expertise and success in your specific field and/or areas of interest
  • Assisting in preparing multiple versions of your resume – varied by target audience
  • Providing coaching on appropriate appearance and behaviour during interviews
  • Being responsive in returning your calls and e-mails – in less than one business day
  • Accessing opportunities that may not be available to you directly (non-public posts)
  • Following-up with you and your new employer after your placement – all good?

In principle, a placement agency should make you feel as if you are their only client.

How A Placement Agency Should Not Work

Regrettably, business practices and attitudes can/will vary from one placement agency to another. Although all such agencies will stipulate that their primary goal is to find the right job for every candidate, there can be dramatic differences in how they approach this mandate and where they place their efforts and emphasis.

A placement agency should not:

  • Charge you any fees for placement – these should/will be paid by your new employer
  • Use tactics to pressure you into accepting any position (basically to secure their fees)
  • Send you to interviews indiscriminately (to give the appearance that they are trying)
  • Send you to interviews for unsuitable jobs (to serve the needs of high-profile clients)
  • Prevent you from using other placement agencies as well (no exclusivity)
  • Focus solely on placing candidates with higher earning potential (to get higher fees)

A reputable placement agency with a track record of success in your specific field or areas of interest can be a valuable asset in your job seeking efforts. You may be well served to thoroughly research/assess various agencies to ensure that you select the best agency or agencies for success in your job search.

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