Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Careers and job opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) have grown exponentially in recent years to meet the needs of digitized industries. In artificial intelligence, machines are created and designed to learn from past actions and data, using which they can make corrections to avoid problems from resurfacing. They also make necessary adjustments to accommodate new information and perform human-like tasks.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

ai jobsAI is a field that can help simplify tasks typically done by humans, which includes activities such as image processing, speech recognition, diagnosis of diseases, business process management, and more. It is the ability to develop and design computer systems to imitate human behaviour.

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How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer

If technical aspects are your primary interest and you have a background in software programming, you may find a lucrative AI job by learning all about how to become an AI engineer.

  • First and foremost, an AI engineer should have a bachelor’s degree in areas such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Technology, Statistics, Economics, or Finance
  • They should have strong practical and theoretical knowledge of technical aspects such as Machine Learning, Software Development Life Cycle, Design Patterns, and more
  • Having a master’s degree may also help you establish a successful career

Enrolling in courses in the following areas may help you become an AI specialist:

  • Physics
  • Robotics
  • Cognitive science theory
  • Bayesian networking, including neural nets
  • Computer science with knowledge in coding and programming languages

What Does an AI Engineer Do?

AI engineers have the knowledge and expertise in programming, software engineering, and data science. They use different methodologies to develop and maintain the systems. They help design and build AI models depending on several organizational goals using algorithms and deep learning neural networks. This helps get business insights that are necessary to make critical decisions. An AI engineer often works on a variety of artificial intelligence for different industries, including the healthcare and retail sectors.

Responsibilities of An AI Engineer

When it comes to AI job in IT organizations, an Artificial Engineer often has many duties, including the following:

  • Work with and coordinate between Business Analysts and Data Scientists in the organization
  • Convert machine learning models into APIs to enhance functionality so that other applications can access them
  • Automate and manage the infrastructure used by the Data Science team
  • Develop and automate processes by using machine learning
  • Test and deploy AI software and models
  • Use AI to empower the organization

Skills Required to Become an AI Engineer & Find an AI Job

Robotics, automation, and the use of advanced computer programs and software are required for a career in artificial intelligence. If you are interested in securing a rewarding AI job, it is beneficial to have a specific education based on technology, math, engineering, and logical perspectives. In addition to this, verbal and written communication skills are crucial to communicating how AI tools are employed within different industry settings.

  • Algorithms and frameworks
  • Expertise in Statistics and Mathematics, including probability, linear algebra, and more
  • Knowledge of Spark and Big Data Technologies
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Programming skills
  • Communication skills

In addition to these skills, it also helps to have experience in the following:

  • Be proficient in computer coding languages at an advanced level, such as Python, Java, C, and C++
  • Possess critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Deploy software in production processes
  • Use modern software development tools and techniques
  • Autonomous work

Different Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Roles

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a variety of roles, each with its unique focus and contribution to the development and implementation of AI technologies. Key positions include:

  • AI Developer: They are pivotal in designing AI software and solutions, creating algorithms that enable machines to perform tasks without explicit instructions. Their work spans various applications, from natural language processing to autonomous systems.
  • AI Architect: This role involves planning and implementing AI projects, ensuring the seamless integration of AI technologies with existing systems. They design the framework and strategy for AI applications, focusing on scalability and efficiency.
  • Data Scientist: Experts in data analytics, they use AI to extract insights from large data sets. Their skills in machine learning, statistical analysis, and predictive modelling are crucial for making informed decisions.
  • Business Intelligence Developer: They leverage AI to transform data into actionable intelligence, aiding in strategic planning. This role involves developing algorithms and models to analyze business data and identifying trends and opportunities for growth.

These roles represent the diverse opportunities within AI, highlighting the sector’s dynamic nature and significant impact across industries.


How is AI Engineering Different from Other Fields of Engineering? 

AI engineering diverges from traditional engineering disciplines by focusing on creating systems that mimic human intelligence. This involves not just the application of complex algorithms and data analysis but also the development of machines capable of learning and adapting over time, a significant departure from the static designs seen in other engineering fields.

Which Engineering Degree Is Best for Artificial Intelligence? 

The best degrees for pursuing a career in artificial intelligence typically include computer science, software engineering, mathematics, or any field that offers a strong foundation in programming, machine learning, and data science. Courses that emphasize neural networks, cognitive science, and robotics are particularly beneficial.

How Do I Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence? 

Starting a career in AI involves a blend of formal education and practical experience. Mastery in programming languages (like Python or Java), a solid understanding of algorithms, statistics, and machine learning techniques, and hands-on experience with AI projects or internships can provide a significant advantage.

What Industries are Hiring AI Engineers? 

Industries hiring AI engineers span a broad spectrum, reflecting AI’s transformative potential. Healthcare, finance, automotive, entertainment, and technology sectors are aggressively incorporating AI to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and offer new services, creating a robust demand for skilled AI professionals.

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Typical Tasks of an AI Engineer

  • Research and make improvements to machine learning algorithms
  • Data mining
  • Use machine learning in a software development life cycle on a set of data inputs
  • Pattern matching and recognition
  • Train machine-learning based software for domain-specific tasks, such as object detection, image recognition, and more

A Career in Artificial Intelligence

The experts in our employment agency believe that as a qualified individual, you have the opportunity to secure lucrative positions with reputable organizations as an AI Engineer:

  • Software analysts and developers
  • Algorithm specialists
  • Data Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • AI Architect
  • AI Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Big Data Engineer

Moreover, many reputable companies are looking to hire qualified AI engineers, including Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Amazon, NVIDIA, Facebook, Uber, and more.

AI Engineer Salary

The average salary of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, according to Indeed, is around CAD 140,000 per annum. The minimum pay is around $137,000, and a maximum may be nearly $190,000.

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