Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (CEWHA)

Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey AssociationThe CEWHA has been operating in Canada for over 20 years with Divisions in Toronto, London Ontario, Calgary, Hamilton and Vancouver Island. Their mission is to provide a quality hockey program for all persons with disabilities who have limited upper body strength and/or mobility, who could significantly benefit from the use of an electric wheelchair in competitive sport.

The CEWHA was formed to provide quality, well organized, recreation and social programs to a specific segment of our community. This program is open to all persons with disabilities regardless of age or sex, who meet the criteria outlined in the mission statement above. The CEWHA provides an atmosphere of fun for players to improve upon their game skills while being part of a team. The abilities of the players are emphasized, while the special needs are treated with dignity and sensitivity. Through the hockey program, so much a part of Canadian culture, the CEWHA strives to enrich the lives of their members by helping them to achieve an increased sense of purpose, sense of belonging, and increased fun and enjoyment in life.

Winters has been committed to this organization since 1990.

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Friends of the Orphans, Canada

Friends Of The OrphansNuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) , Spanish for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters” cares for over 3000 orphaned children in Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and now in Peru and Bolivia.

Friends of the Orphans, Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the large family of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos. Through the generosity of caring benefactors, Friends of the Orphans Canada helps provide the children with food, clothing, shelter, medical care and an education. Their spiritual and emotional needs are also nourished, that they may grow to be healthy, productive members of their society.

Winters has been committed to this organization since 1995.

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