Examining the Current and Future Job Prospects for Welders

Working as a Welder Can Be More Desirable and Secure than Non-Trade Jobs

Welder RecruiterOne of the intriguing aspects about the welding profession is its common applicability to a wide range of industries; while there are several different types of welding, with some more suited to specific industries than others, the concept of using heat to melt and then permanently join/fuse together two or more metal pieces/parts is a constant throughout.

This transferability, so to speak, along with the overall importance of the welding process in the manufacturing industry, means that welder jobs can be viable career opportunities for those who choose to specialize in this trade.  Moreover, there has been an increasing demand for skilled welders over the last decade, with labour experts predicting that this upward trend will continue at a projected rate of 6-10% for the next several years.

Opportunities for welding jobs are and will continue to be available in such industries as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Natural Resources
  • Transportation/Shipping

So, with such a positive outlook for the present and the future, why are many employers facing challenges and experiencing frustration in finding skilled welders to fill these jobs?

There are several contributing factors to this disconnect between demand and supply in relation to welding jobs, with the following perhaps being the most common perceptions leading people to shy away from pursuing a career in this trade:

  • Trades are deemed to be less desirable than other careers
  • Trades are seen as inferior options to post-secondary studies
  • Welding jobs are felt to be transitory roles with lower pay rates

One additional factor might be the disparity in rates of pay based on level of experience, with those on the more senior side commanding as much as twice the hourly wage even though welders at contrasting ends of the service-time scale are essentially carrying out the same jobs; this could, at least partly, be due to the fact that there is an insufficient number of experienced welders available, resulting in pay being determined by years in the trade versus skill or competence level.

However, as discussed above, welding jobs are very much the opposite from the picture painted by these misconceptions or inequities; in fact, one could argue that a career as a welder would be more desirable, more secure, and offer more opportunities for personal gratification and financial reward than jobs in some non-trade sectors – particularly for those who are both motivated and skilled in their craft.

Thus the question becomes, how do aspiring welders connect with employers who are in need of qualified and skilled individuals for these jobs?  The answer; through the support of a professional staffing agency that specializes in the placement of tradespeople, such as Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

Partner with an Experienced Welder Recruiter to Launch or Further Your Career

Experienced Welder RecruiterTo overcome the challenges and frustrations often encountered in the search for skilled welders, employers will turn to the consultants at Winters Technical Staffing to help fulfill their recruiting needs.  These specialists from Winters Technical Staffing have the means to present top applicants for welding jobs, frequently through a pool of viable candidates already identified and vetted, in an expeditious fashion that not only fills the position but also saves money and effort on the part of the employer.

This bodes well for aspiring welders who may also be confronted with the challenges and frustrations of a self-conducted search for jobs in their field.  Sometimes, these jobs are not advertised publicly, while in other instances, they may not possess the experience or the network of contacts to execute a successful search.

Regardless of their specific circumstances, candidates looking to launch or advance their careers as welders will benefit by collaborating with the recruiters from Winters Technical Staffing.  The experience and expertise of these professionals offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Resume development – tailored to a specific employer/industry
  • Coaching/training on appropriate demeanor during job interviews
  • Networking with hiring managers from a wide range of companies
  • Knowledge of potential apprenticeship opportunities with employers
  • Awareness of/access to welding jobs not posted in the public domain
  • Guidance on/access to compulsory health and safety training programs

Winters Technical Staffing has the required resources available to those seeking welder jobs as well as the areas of specialization of the recruiters.

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If you have the goal of launching, refreshing, or advancing your career as a welder, call the experienced recruiters from Winters Technical Staffing today at 416-495-7422 or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation on your employment aspirations.

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