An Increase In Industry Demand Means More Opportunities For Welding Jobs

Welding JobsThere has been a steadily increasing demand for skilled welders over the last number of years, and labour experts are predicting that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Opportunities for welding jobs, now and in the years ahead, can be secured in industries such as:

  • Aviation
  • Construction/demolition
  • Manufacturing
  • Natural resources (gas/oil)
  • Structural engineering
  • Transportation and shipping

These recent examples of manufacturing requirements connected to the transportation and shipping industry are indicative of the prospects for more welding jobs, both now and moving forward:

  • An increased need for rail cars to move commodities like potash and grain
  • Thicker-walled tankers mandated for transporting crude oil along rail lines

However, despite such additional opportunities for welding jobs, many employers are having difficulty recruiting enough skilled staff to fulfill their needs. Some speculation exists that the prime reason for this gap may be due to the manner in which the skilled trades and welding jobs in particular are being positioned to, or perceived by, potential candidates. Such influences may include:

  • Lack of support for trades within the educational system
  • Reduced opportunities to pursue apprenticeship positions
  • Trades are seen a fall-back to a lack of post-secondary options
  • Trades are deemed to be less desirable than other professions
  • Welding jobs are only temporary and have lower pay rates

To overcome some of these perceptions or fallacies, some employers are willing and in a position to essentially open their own welding academy – offering jobs to those without skills or experience within this trade, then providing the requisite training as part of their employment. Others are looking to a staffing agency or recruiter with the expertise in finding and providing qualified personnel to fill current and future welding positions.

Winters Technical Staffing understands the importance of matching the right talent with the needs of the employer and the position. For employers in need of a recruiter to fill their welding needs or for those seeking welding jobs that best suit their needs and skill sets, Winters Technical Staffing can adequately provide the support and the direction required to attain these respective goals.

Utilize The Expertise Of A Welding Recruiter To Launch Or Revitalize Your Career

For candidates seeking to begin or refresh their careers in the welding trade, working in tandem with a recruiter like Winters Technical Staffing can provide the connection to preferred/targeted industries or employers.

The experience and expertise of Winters Technical Staffing offers several benefits to individuals seeking welding jobs. These include:

  • Extensive networking with employers in the appropriate industries
  • Strong working relationships with the respective hiring managers
  • Access to welding jobs not otherwise posted in the public domain
  • Resume development – tailored to the employer or the position
  • Skills training on appropriate demeanor during job interviews
  • Access to mandatory health and safety training programs

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  1. Robert
    Robert January 19, 2015 at 3:25 pm | | Reply

    Interesting write up but for me it doesn’t hold much water. I have a vast experience in the Canadian steel industry from Welding to owning my own company. I’ve sent out countless resumes without a “Single” response. I have stated I would be happy to consider anything from permenant to contract to part time employment. Even mentioning with a good business plan if someone much younger than myself wanted to start their own steel company having been successful myself in doing so I’m confident I would be an asset in helping them achieve their goals. Do I need to work from a financial prospective No, from the prospective of wanting to maintain contact with an industry that’s been good to me Yes. At fifty seven I know I have many more years of profitable productive work to give, but this age of technology of emails seems to have lost the human element. However I remain optimistic.

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