Toronto Employment Agencies Can Help You Prepare For Telephone Interviews

Toronto Employment AgenciesIt is important to bear in mind that the purpose of a telephone interview is to create a short-list of candidates before moving to the next step in the overall hiring process. In other words, telephone screening rules out a majority of the applicants before any time is invested in the in-person interview phase.

For some employers, screening potential candidates by telephone can be challenging, particularly if the calls must be made after hours and/or if they do not have a dedicated internal resource for such situations. However, telephone interviews can also be a very cost-effective approach for the employer (faster and less expensive than interviews done in person) so this method has become more prevalent in relation to candidate screening.

Some employers will call upon the agency staffing services in Toronto to conduct their telephone screening interviews, often when an employment agency has been contracted to carry out the entire candidate search and recruiting process; in other instances, employers will conduct their own telephone interviews.

Whether an employment agency or the employer arranges and conducts the telephone interview, candidates should treat such opportunities with the same level of importance and attention associated with any in-person interviews. Groundwork should be thorough and include the key elements of:

  • Researching the employer and the specific position
  • Planning questions to ask about the employer and the position
  • Preparing and practicing responses for anticipated questions

While the research and planned questions components will be dictated by the individual employment opportunity, the following are the types of questions that potential candidates can expect and should be prepared to answer during a telephone screening interview:

  • “What do you know about our company (or about this position)?”
  • “What should we know about you that sets you apart as a candidate?”
  • “What specific experience and strengths can you bring to this position?”
  • “What were the areas for development identified in your last appraisal?”
  • “What are your salary expectations?”

These will surely be challenging questions to answer and yet the quality, accuracy, and honesty of the answers can directly affect one’s chances of going beyond the telephone screening interview and securing an opportunity to be interviewed in person.

One way for job seekers to prepare and practice their responses to such questions would be to use the services of a Toronto employment agency, such as Winters Technical Staffing, to aid in their job search efforts. Winters Technical Staffing can help with confirming telephone screening interviews as well as coaching candidates on the content and delivery of their responses to questions likely to be asked by prospective employers.

Toronto Employment Agencies Can Help You Avoid Telephone Interview Pitfalls

In addition to preparing responses for anticipated questions during a telephone screening interview, candidates must also be conscious of several common pitfalls than can derail their candidacy. Avoiding the following tendencies can also directly affect one’s chances of going beyond this preliminary screening stage:

  • Talking too much – long-winded answers may lose the interviewer’s attention
  • Not listening – may result in missing cues/openings offered by the interviewer
  • Stumbling/fumbling for answers – might be viewed as a lack of preparedness
  • Participating in the interview by cellphone – call may be dropped or hindered
  • Speaking in a monotone or dispassionate tone (may be perceived as apathy)
  • Not capitalizing on opportunities to ask questions can raise flags (disinterest?)
  • Not asking about the next steps in the interview process (confidence issues?)

Although the screening interview may not be conducted in person, the tone and content of the telephone conversation can still speak volumes about the candidate’s potential fit with the employer. Once again, employment agencies in Toronto, such as Winters Technical Staffing, can provide the expert coaching and guidance needed to avoid the common pitfalls encountered during telephone interviews.

If you are looking for a Toronto employment agency to assist with your current job search, call Winters Technical Staffing today at 1-877-495-7422 for more information or to book a complimentary consultation. We can guide and support you throughout the entire job search process, including the coaching you will need to get beyond a telephone screening interview.

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