Focus Your Job Search Efforts With The Help Of Toronto Employment Agencies

Toronto Employment AgenciesOne of the many advantages afforded by the proliferation in electronic technology is the sheer volume of information that is available online through virtually a single keystroke. A second advantage is a speed with which this information can be retrieved.

This can be particularly beneficial to job seekers who can access websites for various job banks and government-supported agency staffing services to screen and review literally hundreds of job postings within a concentrated period of time, as well as instantaneously submit a resume to any number of potential employers.

A cross-section of such websites would be:

  • Workopolis
  • Monster
  • Toronto Job Shop
  • Kijiji
  • Canada Job Bank

Unfortunately, there can also be several downsides to this type of convenience, such as:

  • The potential for a job seeker to be undisciplined/unfocused in finding employment
  • A lack of response from many employers who utilize these job banks and agencies
  • Job descriptions may be limited, raising questions about qualifications/requirements
  • The competitive candidate pool could likely be very extensive
  • Site manager negligence in maintaining their data – postings may be expired or filled

A prime example of the latter scenario pertains to Canada Job Bank, when it recently came to light that thousands of job postings were stale-dated by as much as six months to one year and that many of these positions were in fact no longer available.

There can be several ramifications and consequences for job seekers in such situations:

  • Time and effort wasted applying for non-existent positions
  • Time and effort directed away from pursuing actual employment opportunities
  • The emotional let-down when a promising opportunity is found to be closed
  • Negative impressions about employers/industries that were a preferred choice
  • Diminished confidence in pursuing employment through such avenues in general

To avoid the potential frustrations and the emotional roller coaster rides that could result from searching online job banks/job postings, you may want to take advantage of the targeted job placement approach of Winters Technical Staffing, a recognized leader among employment agencies in Toronto.

Working directly with Winters Technical Staffing will help focus your job search efforts on reliable employers with active postings only, and thereby increase your potential for finding employment – and within a shorter period of time.

There Are Benefits To Seeking Job Placements Through Employment Agencies

While attempting to find a job on your own accord is an admirable endeavour, it can be fraught with frustration due to a lack of:

  • Job awareness
  • Networking opportunities
  • Industry contacts
  • Work experience
  • Resume writing skills
  • Interview experience
  • Access to training/re-training

To this end, Toronto employment agencies, like Winters Technical Staffing, could prove to be a viable option and a valuable asset in your job search efforts. By signing on with an employment agency, you will have direct access to postings that are both current and active and in your preferred/targeted industry or areas of interest.

As well, Toronto employment agencies have well-established networks and industry contacts who will often enlist the services of these agencies to fill jobs/positions that are not advertised publicly, thus providing you with an even wider access to postings and an increased potential to fulfil your job search goals.

Other advantages to working with employment agencies include:

  • Receiving assistance in preparing an effective resume
  • Providing guidance on proper demeanor/etiquette during interviews
  • Flexibility of securing temporary, contract, seasonal, or project-based work
  • Having access to training programs (such as health and safety requirements)
  • The potential for turning part-time placements into full-time employment
  • Placement opportunities to help strengthen skill sets/expand work experience

Professional employment agencies can help to streamline your job search efforts while simultaneously expanding your range of potential employers. In the highly competitive job market in Toronto and the GTA, capitalizing on the expertise and extensive network of contacts offered by these agencies could indeed improve the margin of success with respect to your employment goals.

If you are currently seeking employment in the Toronto area, consider the advantages of using a well-established employment agency such as Winters Technical Staffing to assist and guide you in attaining your career objectives. Call Winters Technical Staffing today at 1-877-495-7422 to arrange a consultation and to get the placement process underway.

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