Temporary Staffing Agencies Offer Many Benefits To Small Businesses In Toronto

Temporary Staffing Agency TorontoFor many small businesses, employing full-time personnel in Human Resource capacities is simply not practical from a financial perspective. In such circumstances, individuals in ownership/management roles often share HR-related responsibilities or address them on a temporary or as-required basis only.

Therefore, small business owners may find it most beneficial to get agency staffing services to handle or resolve all of their staffing and human resources needs. Working with a temporary staffing agency can offer several benefits to small business owners and/or managers in Toronto from the standpoints of:

  • Saving time and effort
  • Saving money
  • Maintaining productivity levels

In greater detail, here are the many ways that small businesses can capitalize on/profit from the services and staffing options available through a temporary staffing agency:

  • Streamlined hiring process – Resume screening, interviews, and reference checks are all performed/completed by the staffing agency
  • Streamlined payroll process – Temporary staff are employed by and hence paid by the temporary staffing agency
  • Reduced payroll commitments – Medical/insurance benefits, vacation pay, and contributions to EI and CPP are the responsibility of the temporary staffing agency
  • Immediate response to staffing needs – Agencies will have a pool of candidates available for temporary roles and are generally able to meet your needs on-demand
  • Flexible hiring options – Temporary staff can be retained for part-time, contract, seasonal, project-based, or skill-specific work
  • Maintaining productivity – Small businesses can immediately fill any openings that result from a leave of absence (illness, maternity, bereavement)
  • Meeting client needs and expectations – Adding temporary staff may be required to help address delivery timelines, production volume, or overtime scheduling
  • Meeting seasonal needs – Temporary staffing agencies can provide additional staff to cover certain business periods (holiday seasons, summer vacation schedules)
  • Ease of replacement – If a temporary worker does not meet company expectations, a replacement will be made available on short-notice and without financial liability
  • Performance assessment opportunities – Small businesses can assess temporary employees to determine fit/contribution/potential before extending a full-time offer
  • Performance development opportunities – Current staff/supervisors can take on the challenges of mentorship roles to train temporary staff quickly and effectively
  • Injecting new ideas/processes – Temporary staff with work experience elsewhere in the same industry may suggest fresh, alternative, and/or more efficient practices

Small business owners fully understand the challenge and the importance of generating profits (maintaining productivity) and protecting reserves (reducing costs and losses) in today’s economy, particularly in the competitive marketplace of Toronto and the GTA.

Working in partnership with a temporary staffing agency, such as Winters Technical Staffing, should be considered as an investment in your business that can result in significant returns at a portion of the cost that would be required to maintain a full-time human resources team.

Winters Technical Staffing offers the expertise and the flexibility/options required to support small businesses with any and all types of temporary staffing needs.

Looking for a professional temporary staffing agency in Toronto to help find qualified personnel for all of your employment needs? Call Winters Technical Staffing today at 1-877-495-7422 to discuss the specific temporary staffing needs of your small business.

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  1. Interesting! I’m looking forawrd to others responses, as we just had a strategic meeting last night. We’re about 400 people and meeting in a 7500 sq. foot facility in 2 services. We’re not quite ready to send out a multi-site, all that is on the plans for an October 2009 launch. But, we have current facility inadequecies that we don’t think would be solved much by going to 3 services at our current facility (lobby space, inadequate bathroom stalls, kids space check-in’s-none, etc.). So, the question for us is, what do you do in the meantime? Our answer may be buying out 4500 sq. feet next to us and blowing out the walls. It’s a leased facility, it will cost $300,000+, but could get us 2-4 years down the road and grow towards 750-800. We launched 4 years ago. The decisions don’t ever get any easier, do they Craig? (I already know the answer, I think).

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