Small Businesses Might Consider Using A Staffing Agency

For a small business, the overall recruiting and hiring process can be frustrating as well as time-consuming. Very often, these key functions are shouldered by one employee, and they are assigned over-and-above daily responsibilities because the business cannot justify and/or support the costs associated with a full-time human resources position. In actuality, agency staffing services is an ideal scenario to be considered.

When an internal resource is asked to take on the added responsibilities of recruiting and hiring, essentially on a part-time or a when-needed basis, it can result in circumstances that have significant negative consequences for the business – especially if the appointed employee has insufficient experience in these areas.

Although the best of intentions might be motivating this type of infrastructure, here are some of the resultant circumstances and consequences from such an internal mandate:

Deficiency in terms of networking/access to qualified candidates, leading to

  • An inefficient or slow start to the process
  • Time lost reviewing resumes/answering calls from unqualified applicants

A lack of appropriate attention given to all or part of the process, such that

  • Vacancies are filled too quickly, potentially leading to poor hires
  • Vacancies are left open too long, causing losses in productivity

Allocation of time and effort away from daily or full-time duties, resulting in

  • Missed deadlines or business opportunities lost
  • Excessive overtime
  • The need to further redistribute tasks and/or temporary responsibilities

An overall negative impact on revenues and expenses.

For these reasons, it may be worthwhile to consider the services of a recruitment agency. Winters Technical Staffing, a recognized leader among Toronto staffing agencies, has been successfully satisfying the recruiting and hiring needs of small businesses for more than 40 years.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Hiring A Toronto Staffing Agency

When you consider the potential costs of in-house recruiting/hiring for a small business, specifically how these costs translate into lost time, productivity, and revenue, it may be to your advantage financially to employ a staffing agency to coordinate and implement your recruiting and hiring efforts. This may be particularly true if your staffing needs are on an intermittent or occasional basis.

Many small businesses in Toronto rely on employment agencies to fulfill their full-time or temporary/contract staffing requirements. While the business owners continue to focus on operations, productivity, and revenue generation, the agency provides the following support activities and/or financial benefits:

  • Recruitment Expertise – To help expedite the process and find the best candidate
  • Knowledge and Insight – Relative to employment laws, best practices in recruiting
  • Targeted Searches – Within a pre-identified network or pool of potential candidates
  • Reduced Administration – Less resume screening, skill testing, or reference checks
  • Effective Decision-Making – Reducing the risk and costs associated with a bad hire

A Toronto staffing agency can play a significant role in finding and on-boarding new employees efficiently and effectively while minimizing/reducing the direct and indirect costs, as well as the frustration, that often accompany in-house recruiting efforts of small businesses.

Capitalize on the capabilities and resources of a proven staffing agency. If you are looking for help to support your small business hiring needs, call Winters Technical Staffing today at 1-877-495-7422 to discuss your requirements.

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