Talent Pools Can Accelerate the Recruiting Process and Save Money

How Talent Pools Enhance Recruitment for Employers and Agencies in Toronto

Talent Pools Can Accelerate the Recruiting Process and Save MoneyWhen employers in Toronto need to hire new staff, it is quite common to see the hiring manager or human resources department initiate their customary employment process; this often includes preparing/posting the ad, assigning various candidate screening and interviewing responsibilities, establishing the preferred timeline to bring the new hires on board, and so on.

And while this may seem like a sound approach, there is one rather glaring flaw; it is in fact quite dependent on awaiting responses from any interested candidates or agencies; moreover, there is no guarantee that those interested candidates will have the necessary skills for the job or the right fit with their corporate culture.  Consequently, the recruiting process can stall and the anticipated timeline for filling those roles must be adjusted.

But for most businesses, time is money, and any position or positions left vacant for an extended period is also a cost with respect to lost productivity, wages paid for overtime, and the lack of customer service or follow-up, not to mention the extra time invested by the human resources staff to continue the search for the right candidate(s).  Fortunately, these types of unwanted delays and unplanned direct or indirect costs can be minimized if not avoided entirely by maintaining what is common known as a talent pool.

A talent pool is essentially a log or list of potential candidates for various positions within the company; it is developed and maintained by the organization on an ongoing basis, to be used proactively when recruitment needs arise.  Rather than waiting for candidates or agencies to reply to an ad, the hiring manager or team can use this predetermined list of targeted individuals as a starting point in their search process; this approach also widens the field of prospects beyond those who are currently based in the Greater Toronto Area.

Creating a talent pool will require some time and effort; it is also important to note that other methods of recruiting should not be abandoned entirely in favour of this approach.  However, a talent pool offers several advantages over traditional recruiting practices:

  • Reduction in recruitment costs – less need to advertise publicly
  • Faster time-to-hire; screening and pre-qualifying are already done
  • Includes passive candidates who may become available in the future
  • A repository for resumes received during non-active recruiting periods

So how does a company go about developing and maintaining its own talent pool?  There are several avenues and resources available, with the most common including:

  • Social media (LinkedIn)
  • Promoting the company brand
  • Attending networking opportunities
  • Encouraging recommendations from staff
  • Inviting resumes to be submitted at any time

Another option, particularly for companies who may not have the time/resources to build their own talent pool, would be to partner with an employment agency such as Winters Technical Staffing, one of the leading recruitment agencies in Toronto for over 45 years.

A Respected and Successful Employment Agency in Toronto for Over 45 Years

Successful Employment Agency in TorontoUtilizing some of the resources noted above, as well as its extensive network of contacts across various industries in and outside of Toronto, Winters Technical Staffing maintains talent pools of active and passive candidates with wide-ranging skill sets in technical and supervisory roles.

As one of Toronto’s most successful and respected employment agencies over the past four and a half decades, Winters Technical Staffing has been called upon time and again by employers from many industries to identify viable candidates for their staffing needs.  The industry specialties within Winters Technical Staffing include but are not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Skilled Trades
  • Manufacturing

For additional insight on Winters Technical Staffing, their staffing solutions, and areas of specialization, visit our specialized staffing & industry recruiters page.

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As an employer looking to accelerate your recruitment process basis, you might not have the time or the resources to establish and maintain a talent pool for use on an as-needed basis.  Winters Technical Staffing, one of Toronto’s foremost employment agencies, has access to an extensive pool of candidates with a variety of skills sets across numerous areas of specialization.  Call the recruitment specialists from Winters Technical Staffing at 416-495-7422 today or contact us to book a complimentary discussion on how we can help with your recruiting needs.

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