Find the Right Candidate Faster by Using a Job Agency

A Job Agency Offers Many Assets to Help You Quickly Find the Right Candidate

Find the Right Candidate Faster by Using a Job AgencyCoordinating recruiting and hiring efforts is one of several important responsibilities that fall under the job descriptions of the hiring managers and human resources teams within any organization. Other equally important personnel-related policies and procedures like payroll, performance management and improvement systems, health and safety plans, training and development, and employee relations are also common among the areas of accountability for a human resources department.

Consequently, all recruiting and hiring must, for wont of a better word, compete for time and attention from that in-house staff, which can in turn weaken those efforts or impede any attempts to resolve the staffing needs of the company in a time-sensitive manner.  In contrast, a job placement agency will specifically dedicate its efforts to expediting the recruitment process as a means of finding qualified candidates as quickly as possible, thus reducing downtime and maintaining productivity at acceptable and necessary levels.

Job recruiters have access to assets and information that may not be readily available to or easily attainable by internal human resources teams; such data/resources include:

  • Comprehensive networks or pools of prospective candidates
  • Fast access to qualified personnel who meet job requirements
  • Dedicated staff to conduct thorough background/reference checks
  • Candidate testimonials from their references and/or previous employers
  • Expertise to quickly screen and eliminate unqualified applicants/candidates

These types of resources and assets can be invaluable when companies have openings to fill or plans to grow their employee base.  Prolonged vacancies or the inability to support business demands will obviously have a detrimental effect on productivity levels and lead to missed opportunities and/or loss of potential revenue; thus, it is imperative to find the right candidate or candidates as fast as possible, and this is where the expertise of a job agency like Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto can play a vital role.

Job Recruiters Can Streamline and Expedite the Search for Qualified Candidates

Job Recruiters Can Streamline and Expedite the Search for Qualified CandidatesWhen the urgency to address staffing needs is in direct contrast to the time that human resources teams have available to resolve such matters, a job agency can facilitate the recruiting and hiring processes in a streamlined and time-efficient manner.  As a leading job agency in Toronto for more than 45 years, Winters Technical Staffing can capably implement the steps necessary to expedite recruitment and help find the right candidate as fast as possible.

Some of the efficiencies that the Winters Technical Staffing recruiters will deliver include:

  • Preparing accurate and detailed job descriptions
  • Posting open positions on appropriate job boards only
  • Using e-mail and social media to target possible candidates
  • Quickly screening candidates by front-ending high-impact questions
  • Identifying and qualifying candidates based on pre-hiring assessments
  • Creating hiring updates for employees to post on their social media accounts
  • Contacting apparently qualified candidates for clarification of various information

In addition to the efficiencies gained by using job recruiters to address staffing/hiring needs, employers will provide more time for their human resources staff to concentrate on the other key functions within their areas of responsibility.

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