Misinformed Opinions Can Nullify The Benefits Of A Temp Agency

If there were no differences of opinion, there would actually be no need for any opinions at all. This insightful statement can apply to virtually any aspect of daily life, such as:

  • The choice of political candidates
  • Which team is best in its sport
  • Fondness for one car manufacturer over all others
  • Preferences for different types of foods or diets
  • And so on

This also relates to agency staffing services, not just which temp agency is better than another, but whether such a service is even a viable option for job seekers at all. While everyone is entitled to their opinion on any and all variety of subjects, when that opinion is based on/influenced by inaccurate information or misconceptions, it can prove to be prejudicial and detrimental to all parties involved.

Such is the case for temp agencies. There are many misconceptions and myths in play with respect to these agencies and, unfortunately, these off-base opinions are frequently propagated by those who have never actually used the services of a temp agency. In a parallel sense, how can someone honestly say that they do not like broccoli if they have never tried it?

This article will attempt to demystify or debunk the most common misconceptions about working with a temp agency to find employment, and in contrast, present the benefits that these agencies can offer/provide to job seekers.

One such temp agency is Winters Technical Staffing, a recognized leader in temporary placements by job seekers and employers alike.

Demystifying Nine Common Myths Or Misconceptions About Temp Agencies

To paraphrase Alexander Pope’s long-famous saying, “Having a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. It can mislead people into believing that they are experts in a particular subject area, and therefore entitled to make authoritative judgements or statements on that topic.”

The following summary presents nine of the more common misconceptions about temp agencies, along with brief explanations to set the record straight in each case.

  1. Temp agencies prevent their employees from securing permanent jobs – In fact, agencies realize that many/most people would prefer full-time employment and hence work toward achieving this goal for their temporary employees if/as requested
  2. Temp agency salaries are less than what you can get on your own – All jobs and experience levels have acceptable salary ranges and temp agencies pay their people according to these scales/ranges
  3. Temp agencies charge their employees a fee for service – Reputable agencies should never/will never ask for up-front fees to provide their services – fees are paid to temp agencies by the employing company, from which competitive salaries are paid to the temporary employees
  4. Temp agencies are only for people not interested in full-time work – Although this may indeed be the best option for people who are so inclined, temp agencies welcome all job seekers with aspirations for temporary or permanent employment
  5. Temp agencies are interested in profits not placements – Since temp agency profits are the direct result of placements, it is in the best interest of the agency to confirm as many viable placements as possible with as many employers as possible
  6. Temp agencies only focus on entry-level or administrative positions – This is a situation that may have been true 15-20 years ago but it is no longer the case, as specialty temp agencies now focus on placements for professional, managerial, and technical staff across many different job descriptions and salary ranges
  7. Temp agencies can only find placements in low paying jobs – This is simply not true, as outlined in the responses to misconceptions #2 and #6 above
  8. Temp agency assignments only last for a few days or weeks – This will depend on the assignment itself, as employers might need temporary staffing for work that ranges from one day up to one year (e.g. maternity leave) and anywhere in-between
  9. Temp agencies do not provide benefits for their employees – Depending on the policies of the individual temp agency, their employees may be entitled to a variety of benefits such as: medical/dental insurance, vacation pay, EI and CPP contributions and pension plan contributions

At this point, it should be apparent that the myths and misconceptions being circulated and propagated about temp agencies can be easily refuted and/or discredited. There is significant value and benefit to enlisting the professional services of a temp agency, for both job seekers and employers, to respectively find or fill temporary and permanent job openings.

Are you currently looking for temporary or potentially permanent employment? Are you an employer in need of help and support in addressing staffing needs for your company? Our specialized temp agency places qualified staff for all types of employment needs.

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