Benefits Of Hiring Through A Staffing Agency

Companies that choose to hire agency staffing services stand to benefit from:

  • An efficient recruitment process
  • Minimal risks of a bad hire
  • Reduced time and effort on sourcing and screening suitable candidates
  • Efficient handling of hiring documentation and processes

According to some studies, the average cost of a bad hire can equal up to 30% of the employer’s first-year potential earnings. Thus, even one single bad hire could mean a potential loss of approximately $15,000 for the employer. Apart from the monetary setback, a bad hire can be detrimental to the productivity and overall team morale. Other team members would be forced to spend their time training someone who is not competent enough to confidently execute assigned tasks independently and efficiently. By bringing on board an employee that is unproductive, a company can end up compromising its overall performance and growth.

A Reliable Staffing Agency Can Prevent The Risk Of A Bad Hire

Staffing agencies that have a good number of years in the industry are skilled at balancing employee aspirations with employer expectations. Your organization can minimize the time and effort spent on finding the right talent by engaging the services of an established agency. In addition, the experts at Winters Technical Staffing offer the following recommendations on how to avoid a bad hire:

  • Be well prepared: Come up with the right questions during the interview to filter out the least competent candidates in the first round itself. It is advisable to seek the services of a professional staffing agency and subject matter experts to get optimum results.
  • Check references very carefully: A good reference is a strong indicator of the candidate’s experience and merit. A quick peek into the social media profiles of candidates will bring up more details that might be used in the screening process. Even light-hearted Twitter feeds can be a good source to gain insights into their personalities and social life.
  • Throw in a surprise question: Catch a candidate by surprise and evaluate the reaction. This could even be in the form of an unconventional question or request in the job application. Prospective employees are expected to be alert during interviews. If candidates begin covering up key elements that might affect future job performance or security, then you may be better off looking at the next candidate on your list.

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