Capitalize On The Power And Scope Of Social Networks To Find Autocad Jobs

Autocad, or autoCAD, is a computer-aided design program that allows its user to create two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional models; it is essentially a drafting tool that is mainly used in the following fields:

  • Architecture
  • Civil engineering
  • Electronics/electrical systems
  • Industrial design
  • Aeronautics

Autocad JobsAutocad jobs can result in stimulating and rewarding careers, allowing the drafter to combine creativity and visualization skills with the responsibility of effectively addressing structural, technological, and operational requirements – consider the feeling of personal satisfaction that can arise when an autocad drafter sees a design or a model come to fruition in the form of a physical structure or an operational unit/system.

When looking for a sought-after position such as autocad drafter jobs, it is important to take ownership and an active role in making your intentions known. It basically goes without saying that sitting back and waiting for a call might become a very long wait, but in today’s world of technology, simply sending out resumes/application forms is probably not sufficient to successfully secure an autocad job.

Taking ownership of your job search/career, being accountable for your success, and just getting your name in front of prospective employers requires the same type of creativity as the autocad job itself. One way to accomplish this latter goal would be to capitalize on the scope and power of various social media networks, including:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • blogs/online forums

Many employers and job seekers alike utilize social media networking to communicate and, in essence, advertise their respective needs and interests. With respect to attaining an autocad job, here are some of the ways that you can utilize social media to support and accelerate the search process:


  • Use this more contemporary method to widely distribute/post your resume
  • Gain exposure to employers/agencies who scour this site for potential candidates
  • Exploit any/all opportunities to network with past colleagues or autocad peers
  • Request access to groups that have autocad-specific professional interests
  • Actively search for autocad job postings
  • Consider starting your own group and inviting other autocad drafters to join
  • Offer recommendations/endorsements for peers and colleagues in your network


  • Create your own page to share background/interests relevant to your goals
  • Connect to corporations and companies that can employ an autocad drafter
  • Identify yourself to such organizations and express your interest in these jobs
  • Request an opportunity to meet/communicate to exchange pertinent information


  • Follow professional associations that promote autocad jobs/related interests
  • Follow industries/employers known to require the skills of an autocad drafter
  • Re-tweet information of interest and relevance to individuals in your own network

Blogs And Forums

  • Look for opportunities to initiate discussions within your professional groups
  • Post questions that will generate multiple responses, alternatives, and/or options
  • Actively participate in/add value to conversations or discussions started by others

While all of the available technology and social network options can open a virtual world of opportunity for any job search, one needs to be conscious of some possible pitfalls to conducting such pursuits primarily from a stationary computer or a mobile device.

Such pitfalls or challenges include:

  • Complacency – Posting information once and hoping for the best
  • Depicting an air of desperation – Excessive communication for the sake of noise
  • Appearing insincere – Showing no evidence of personalization or original thought
  • Self-serving actions – Asking and receiving without the courtesy of giving back

To avoid or prevent these unfavourable impressions when using social networks to seek autocad jobs, consider taking the following actions:

  • Regularly updating your resume and any status information on profile pages
  • Ensure that all activity is consistent and neither infrequent nor overbearing
  • Be proactive in terms of giving/sharing rather than only responding reactively
  • Add personal touches outside of social media (phone calls, hand-written notes)
  • Keep content factual and professional – includes choice of words, language, etc.

It is always important to remember that, while social media networking can be a friend and an ally, it can also lead others to form irreversible impressions about your character and your employment potential as an autocad drafter if it is used either inappropriately or indiscriminately.

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