What You Need to Know to Become an Electrician

Tips from Experienced Toronto Job Recruiters on How to Become an Electrician

What You Need to Know to Become an ElectricianThere can be little doubt that people depend heavily on the availability of electricity in their everyday lives; just ask any of the approximately 50 million residents of Ontario and the Northeastern United States affected by the widespread electrical outage of August 2003 who were without power for anywhere from two days to an entire week.

While the span of that power shortage was indeed an anomaly, homeowners or business owners who have been left powerless, so to speak, for even brief periods of time can no doubt attest to the difficulties that can result from these situations.  Their inability to use a stove, the potential spoilage of food stored in a refrigerator, and the incapacitation of electronic devices such as cash registers and payment terminals can be upsetting; not to mention the discomfort felt when the furnace cannot heat a home on a cold winter day.

So why bring to mind these unpleasant or bothersome images?  To show just how much people rely on electricity and, in a connect-the-dots fashion, to demonstrate the viability of pursuing a career as an electrician; whether it is new construction or the maintenance of existing properties, there will most likely be opportunities for electricians to find work.

Consequently, for those interested in establishing themselves as a certified electrician, it will be important to examine the educational background and on-the-job training needed to realize this goal.  There is considerably more involved in how to become an electrician than reading do-it-yourself manuals or watching online video demonstrations; electrician work requires an in-depth level of knowledge and a degree of skill to complete all jobs in an effective manner – and one that is safe for both the electrician and the end-user.

To that end, the job placement professionals from Winters Technical Staffing, a leading technical staffing agency among recruiters in Toronto for more than 45 years, offer the following tips and advice for individuals with an interest in how to become an electrician:


A high school diploma is mandatory for electricians wanting to join a union; study credits need to include Grade 12 English and Math.  A post-secondary diploma in an electrician program from an accredited institution is recommended; this will provide theoretical and practical experience and essentially represents the completion of pre-apprentice training.



Subsequent to the educational component, candidates must participate in and complete an electrician apprenticeship; this typically requires 9000 hours over the course of about five years.  An apprenticeship is secured through an employer who provides on-the-job training that is supervised by one or more master electricians; the apprentice is paid for their work during this time, which includes a return to school for four eight-week periods to receive additional technical training.


Certification and License

electrician apprenticeship requirements

Upon fulfillment of their electrician apprenticeship requirements, individuals can apply to write a Certification of Qualification exam; successfully passing this exam confirms their status as a journeyperson electrician, followed shortly by the receipt of their license.

Once they are licensed to ply their trade without certified supervision, an electrician may be required to perform the following tasks relative to the wiring, fixtures, fuses, panels, and other equipment used to deliver electricity to and throughout homes and buildings:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Diagnosing issues
  • Completing repairs
  • Testing for compliance

Electrician jobs can indeed provide motivated individuals with viable career paths; based on specific circumstances and personal interests, these paths can be extended to a range of opportunities such as site supervision, project management, or safety inspections.

Use a Technical Staffing Agency to Find an Electrician Apprenticeship in Toronto

While an apprenticeship certainly plays a substantial role in how to become an electrician and delivers the practical knowledge and training required for long-term success in this trade, many aspiring electricians may be unsure about how they can secure such jobs.

Some post-secondary institutions may help their students in acquiring apprenticeships as part of their electrician programs; however, these opportunities may be limited in terms of their number, their locations, and/or the types of work available.  Alternatively, recent or soon-to-be graduates of these programs may want to register with a technical staffing agency, like Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, as a means of enhancing their odds of securing such a job.

As a leading recruiter within the electrician trade for the past 45 years, Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto has established and maintains a comprehensive network of contacts with various employers who require skilled electricians and who offer apprenticeships in order to obtain this talent; included among these working relationships are opportunities that may not be posted or advertised in the public forum.

For more information about the expertise of Winters Technical Staffing in recruiting and placing electricians in jobs within the Toronto area.

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