What To Avoid On Facebook When Job Searching

When job searching today, you need to be aware that potential employers could view your Facebook page

Social media can be used to grow and enhance our relationships with others. But it can also be used by employers to check up on applicants before or after a job interview. Even if you make your pages private, there are still times when photos, status updates or other information could be viewed.

If you are job searching, it is more important than ever to make sure that your Facebook page is kept clear of anything that may be questionable to a potential employer. Many placement, staffing and recruiting agencies are using Facebook as a tool to help them make a more informed decision as to who they might hire for a job.

You may be an excellent, skilled worker with a stellar resume, but if an employer sees too many photos of you partying, they may choose another applicant.

How should I prepare my Facebook page before job searching or applying to a placement agency?

  1. Make Your Page Private: The first step to ensuring that much of your Facebook content is kept hidden is to make your page private, viewed only by friends. This would not always hide everything, but it is a good start. Then view your profile as though you were someone else to see what is still visible.
  2. Removing Questionable Pictures And Status Updates: Someone viewing your profile when it is public can go back through years of information if they wanted to, so this can be quite a chore. When private, only a few items may remain. If you feel that an employer may look upon any of the remaining content unfavourably, then remove it.
  3. Refrain From Posting Or Uploading Through Apps And Smartphones: There are issues with privacy when you use mobile devices to post to Facebook. While job searching, refrain from doing so, or what you post may be visible to an employer.

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