Using Temp Agency Services Can Help Save Time And Money For Your Business

Temp AgencyThe phrase ‘time is money’ is attributed to a letter written by Benjamin Franklin offering advice to a young tradesman. While this saying is still heard today, its precise intent can be somewhat open to interpretation depending on the context of its use. In any event, the most common inferences of this phrase likely include:

  • Any time that is lost or wasted will result in a cost to the company
  • Time gained/better used will save or earn money for the company

While these two statements will undoubtedly hold true for businesses of any size/scope, they are possibly more magnified or more acute for small to medium-sized companies. Therefore, using time more effectively, reducing downtime, and avoiding vacancies are of paramount importance for any firm – one way to address all such productivity-related issues would be to use agency staffing services offered by a temp agency in Toronto, like Winters Technical Staffing.

A temporary staffing agency can deliver much more than merely employee placement support. Temp agencies can span a number of corporate roles, all in an effort to save time – and money – for their clients. Such services can encompass:

  • Recruiting-related processes
  • Payroll administration
  • Training and development needs
  • Addressing performance issues
  • Staffing for specific projects

In more detail, a temporary staffing agency can help a business by providing/performing the following duties/activities:

Recruiting processes

  • Creating and distributing job postings
  • Resume and telephone screening
  • Preliminary candidate interviews
  • Performing reference checks

Payroll administration

  • Managing compensation and benefits
  • Deductions for EI and CPP contributions
  • Tracking vacations and absences

Training and development

  • Identifying qualified/pre-trained staff
  • Validating certifications/accreditations
  • Conducting pre-employment health and safety training

Performance issues

  • Addressing and handling disciplinary actions
  • Immediate replacement of terminated employees

Temp agency staff for specific needs

  • For seasonal or project-based workloads
  • To meet unexpected/revised delivery dates

Based on the above sampling, the wide spectrum of services provided by Winters Technical Staffing can certainly play a major role in both efficiently and effectively saving time while simultaneously reducing the direct and indirect costs associated with running a business.

Ways To Realize Savings Through Temporary Staffing

Winters Technical Staffing is recognized as a leading temp agency in Toronto and the GTA through our success in satisfying the recruiting needs of areas businesses for more than 40 years.

Over that time, our staffing solutions have helped our clients manage their operating expenses and/or save time and money in one or more of the following ways:

  • Paying some employees only when their services are needed
  • Maintaining or increasing productivity levels as required
  • Reducing unnecessary overtime
  • Allowing full-time staff to focus on their primary responsibilities
  • Managing unexpected contract demands or changes in deadlines

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