Tips To Stay Calm During A Job Interview

Anxiety before a job interview is a common phenomenon. Even the most experienced interviewees experience trepidation prior to an important interview. The secret lies in effectively managing your emotions to project a professional image and maintain your composure through the process.

What are the steps you can take to stay calm during a job interview? Let’s look at a few aspects you need to carefully bear in mind:

  • Prepare thoroughly: Make sure you are ready with responses to any questions that may arise after the interviewer has perused your resume. Research the company, the industry, competitors, and the expectations from your role. Rehearse answering the questions you think you are likely to be asked.
  • Be prepared not to know all the answers: It is not always possible to know all the answers to all the questions. At such moments admit you don’t know the answer and try turning the question around to talk about an area of strength.
  • Arrive early: Reaching the job interview location at least 10 minutes early will provide you enough time to relax and calm yourself before getting into the hot seat.
  • Breathe easy: You can relieve yourself of stress by taking deep abdominal breaths and stretching before entering the meeting room.
  • Dress appropriately: The clothes you wear can boost your confidence several notches.
  • Remain positive about your opportunities: The fact that your CV was shortlisted is a sign that you are of interest to the interviewer. Remain confident about your capabilities.
  • Keep your questions ready: Interviewers expect you to ask questions. Have some standard questions ready to be asked at any meeting. Researching the company and role will bring additional questions to mind. Also, be prepared to ask for clarifications during the course of the interview about anything that is unclear.

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