Tips to Improve Your Job Search Efforts

Toronto Staffing Agencies Can Offer Synergies to the Efforts of Job Seekers

People in the midst of an as-yet-unsuccessful job search will unquestionably experience emotional swings that can range from excitement to anticipation to confusion to outright disappointment. They learn of a position that would meet their needs/interests, prepare and send what they deem as a strong resume and covering letter, and then – nothing. They wait for a follow-up call that never materializes, only to subsequently learn second-hand that the position has been filled.

ws-post-2-1While this situation may sound simulated or perhaps even contrived, it can actually occur many times over for those seeking employment. Looking for work can, within itself, be a full-time job – with the notable absence of a steady pay cheque. And the longer it takes, compounded by the sheer number of rejections and non-responses, the more frustrating and demoralizing the task can become.

However, rather than feeling victimized by any lack of success and wrapping themselves in self-pity, unsatisfied job seekers need to accept responsibility for their state-of-affairs and assess their search efforts for ways to improve/refine their approach. Employers do not routinely hand out jobs like free passes to a county fair; a job seeker must make an employer ‘stand up and take notice’ that they are indeed the best candidate for the job.

From a candidate’s perspective, there are several aspects of the job search process that may warrant fine-tuning or out-and-out adjustments upon reassessment. These include:

  • Resume content
  • Focus of effort
  • Self-branding
  • Social media
  • Researching
  • Networking

The following tips are offered to assist/support individuals looking to refine or hone their job search efforts as a means of enhancing the probability of a successful outcome:

  • Resume/Cover Letter
    • Check, double-check, and triple-check all spelling, grammar,and punctuation
    • Ensure that all content is accurate, verifiable, and not open to misinterpretation
    • Have content reviewed by a third party, perhaps a staffing agency representative
  • Focused Time and Effort
    • Set specific goals in relation to: type of work, preferred industries, compensation
    • Avoid low-return activities eg. searching job boards, applying for non-target jobs
  • Personal Branding
    • Capitalize on the digital age/internet to create a unique professional image/brand
    • Potential employers will often search the internet to learn more about applicants therefore use industry-specific blogs/online discussions to ‘stand above the crowd ’
  • Use of Social Media
    • Ensure that all content and activity in online accounts is appropriate/professional
  • Research and Preparation
    • Conduct thorough research on all preferred/target jobs, employers, industries
    • Resources can include: company websites, online searches, personal contacts
    • Confidently demonstrate this knowledge in all communications and interviews
  • Networking
    • Create and optimize a LinkedIn profile – employers often search this network
    • Be visible on LinkedIn – make connections, participate in groups, share posts
    • Join recognizedprofessional associations; attend meetings, sit on committees
    • Follow targeted employers, industry experts, key influencers on social media
    • Capitalize on existing networks/contacts of industry-specific staffing agencies

To expand on the latter point,many staffing agencies, like Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, will specialize in providing staffing solutions for specific industries. As a result, agencies such as Winters Technical Staffing will have developed extensive networks and relationships with employers within those industries, who in turn rely on these recruiting professionals to find top talent for their organizations.

Therefore, in addition to refining/honing their own search efforts through the tips offered above, job seekers in Toronto can find good synergies by aligning their energies with the staffing services provided bysuch agencies.

Temp Work through an Agency Could Ultimately Lead to Full-Time Employment

ws-post-2-2Sometimes, despite the focused time and effort of a job search, full-time employment in a targeted/preferred industry may be limited or simply unavailable. Although this can be rather discouraging to any job hunter, it should not be concerned a proverbial dead-end.

As an interim option or, in a manner of speaking, a stepping stone to eventual full-time work, candidates may consider accepting a temporary role in their desired/targeted field or industry. Suchroles could be part-time, project-based, contract-based, or on demand in nature, and in turn could provide short-term benefits, consisting of but not limited to:

  • Networking/contacts
  • Expanded experience
  • Growth into unanticipated roles
  • Training/skills development opportunities

In these temporary or temp roles, candidates would be retained by staffing agencies like
Winters Technical Staffing and subsequently placed in specifically appropriate roles when client companies require staff for a pre-defined period of time. For more information on the industry-specific temp staffing solutions offered by Winters Technical Staffing, please go to our staffing solutions page.

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