Tips to Help Job Hunters Find the Right Recruitment Agency

How to Pick the Right Employment Agency to Satisfy Personal and Career Goals

Experienced Recruitment AgencyAnyone who has ever carried out a job search, at any age or stage of their career, would undoubtedly attest to the fact that it can be a strenuous and time-intensive process, not to mention frustrating at times. It can be difficult to devote the time and effort needed to find a job, regardless of whether it is an entry-level role, the progression in a chosen profession, or a career change; and this challenge can be further intensified if the person is already working on a full-time or part-time basis.

There are several fundamental steps that must be adequately implemented when looking for work; these can/will include:

  • Searching job postings (print/online)
  • Creating a resume and covering letter
  • Sending out resumes (by e-mail/mail)
  • Completing and submitting applications
  • Finding/pursuing networking opportunities
  • Monitoring social media sites e.g. LinkedIn
  • Follow-up with responders/non-responders
  • Scheduling and preparing for any interviews

Yet despite dedicating the requisite time and attention to all of these steps, there is no guarantee that a new job will be found within any specified period of time. Furthermore, this process may need to be applied simultaneously with different target employers, or perhaps on repeated occasions, before success is finally achieved; all of this undoubtedly adds to the level of stress inherently associated with a need or desire to find work.

So what alternatives might job hunters have to find employment other than staying the course? At the top of the list would be the job search services offered by recruiters. The selection of a respectable and established recruitment agency will be important from two perspectives: presenting a professional image to potential employers and ensuring that the candidate receives fair and appropriate representation.

To this latter point, there are two answers to the question of how do recruiters get paid:

  • Contingency – a percentage of starting salary once candidate is hired
  • Retainer – a percentage/deposit upfront plus balance upon start date

These fees are to be paid only by the eventual employer; a reputable agency should not charge job seekers any fees, at any time, as part of their placement services. Moreover, agencies also should not:

  • Pressure candidates into accepting a job (as a means of securing their fees)
  • Schedule interviews indiscriminately (to give the impression they are trying)
  • Send candidates to interviews for unsuitable positions (to placate the client)
  • Prevent individuals from using other any placement agencies (no exclusivity)
  • Focus solely on placements with higher earning potential (to get higher fees)

For those who may be wondering how to find a recruiter to help them get the most from a job search, the following might serve as useful guidelines/suggestions:

  • Identify agencies that specialize in preferred industries/occupations
  • Identify agencies that support personal needs/objectives (in general)
  • Research compatibility – online forums, networking, agency websites
  • Submit draft resumes to those that seem the most appealing/aligned
  • Ask for clarification of their processes, services, accessibility, fees, etc.
  • Request complimentary career consultations (treat them as interviews)
  • Evaluate the agencies – determine comfort/confidence in their services
  • Exhibit professionalism in return (the agencies must be comfortable too)

As with any and all other important decisions in life, how job hunters proceed when they need to pick an employment agency will be just as important as their actual choice of recruiter; consequently, sufficient research and preparation will have a significant effect in terms of making an informed and confident selection when looking to find a recruiter that will best suit and satisfy their personal and career goals.

Pick a Reputable Employment Agency with an Established History of Success

Winters Technical StaffingAs a leading recruiter in successfully meeting the needs of Toronto and area companies over the last 40+ years, Winters Technical Staffing can prove to be a highly valued asset with respect to focusing and expediting a candidate’s search efforts; the benefits of using a recruiter like Winters Technical Staffing to help find a job would include:

  • Searches directed toward targeted and more practical opportunities
  • Availability of established networking with employers/hiring managers
  • Access to immediate-need opportunities, including non-publicized roles
  • Assistance and coaching on development of resume/cover letter content
  • Recruiters have a vested interest in satisfying job hunters and employers
  • Insight on how to find work through a recruiter on social media (LinkedIn)
  • Insight on compensation levels and support for possible salary negotiations

While it is important that a job hunter pick an honest and reputable employment agency, it is equally important that they present themselves as a candidate that is worthy of such services. To learn more about the job placement services offered by Winters Technical Staffing, please visit

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