Tips for Pursuing and Achieving Career Goals in the New Year

Measurable Actions to Guide the Pursuit of Your Career Goals or a New Career

Tips for Pursuing and Achieving Career Goals in the New Year In a way, the start of a new year also means new beginnings for many people; these are commonly known as resolutions and can include a variety of personal aspirations such as losing weight, making dietary changes, implementing an exercise regimen, and smoking cessation.  Those who ultimately succeed with such resolutions will do so by dedicating both the time and the means to convert their desires into actions, often tracking their progress against a defined list of commitments; those who fail, to put it bluntly, tend to devote lip service and little else to such initiatives.

There are similarities that can be drawn between the above personal-life situations and one’s professional life.  The turning of a calendar to a new year prompts many people to reflect on the possibility of embarking on a new career.  These individuals will often take stock of their current work situation, how their career has progressed to this point versus their goals, and whether they might want to pursue an alternative path moving forward.

Unfortunately, just like many personal resolutions, a significant number of these career-related intentions tend to fizzle and fade quickly; this may again be due to favouring the idea but not taking action to support it, i.e.: lip service, but in a majority of these cases, it could be attributable to not having a clearly defined plan or one that can be measured.  Consequently, such inactivity or failure to act can lead to regret later in one’s career, not to mention lost opportunities to pursue and achieve their goals in the immediate term.

Therefore, for individuals who may be considering a job change or pursuing a new career path this year, the experienced recruiters from Winters Technical Staffing, a leading job placement agency in Toronto for over 45 years, suggest the implementation of some or all of the following measurable actions to help guide the process (in no particular order):

  • Review all resume content – update and edit accordingly
  • Assess and improve any/all online profiles, notably LinkedIn
  • Read one book related to personal or professional development
  • Establish one new professional contact per month via networking
  • Choose one thing to stop doing, one to start, and one to continue
  • Follow an inspirational/motivational online blog and read it routinely
  • Identify skills/strengths and search for compatibility in other careers
  • Clean out paper and digital file systems and reorganize what remains
  • Repeat the above for e-mail and social media accounts and contact lists
  • Join a professional organization; actively participate in meetings/webinars
  • Investigate volunteer opportunities in the local community and join a group
  • Enrol in a course or courses that can strengthen/broaden career opportunities

While there are likely other actions that can be added here, the above list should provide a comprehensive plan for those seeking direction and support in pursuing and achieving their career goals throughout the year ahead.  Individuals who wish to add a measure of professional guidance to a job search or a change to a new career might want to consult with an experienced recruiter from the Winters Technical Staffing agency in Toronto.

Find a Job, Reach Career Goals, or Pursue a New Career Using Expert Recruiters

Find a Job, Reach Career Goals, or Pursue a New Career Using Expert RecruitersFor more than 45 years, job seekers have sought and received professional direction and advice from knowledgeable recruiters at Winters Technical Staffing, a leading placement agency in Toronto, to help achieve their career goals and/or pursue a new career path.

The professional consultants from Winters Technical Staffing can guide these candidates in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying job opportunities
  • Aligning skill sets with specific jobs
  • Resumes and cover letter preparation
  • Coaching on proper interview demeanor
  • Coordination of interviews with employers
  • Insight on compensation/salary negotiations
  • Appropriate follow-up communication/etiquette

Individuals who feel that success in attaining their career goals or pursuing a new job or career path may be enhanced by aligning their efforts with the skills and experience of a professional recruiter can join the talent network at Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

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