Tips For Negotiating Your Next Salary

Headhunters Or Employment Agency Staff Can Be Assets In Salary Negotiations

Male And Female Dressed In Business AttireOne of the potentially uncomfortable aspects of the interviewing process for a job seeker pertains to the discussion on salary expectations. Most if not all interviewees know that this question will be inevitable at some point yet many are often unprepared to respond. Others, for fear of being screened/ruled out as a candidate, offer the response that they believe the interviewer wants to hear and may be ‘selling themselves short’ in the event that they do receive a job offer.

However, salary discussions and negotiations, whether conducted face-to-face or by way of headhunters or an employment agency, are an integral part of the decision-making process for both the employer and the candidate – provided that such conversations are done objectively and at the appropriate time.

On the subject of timing, it will be important for candidates to know they when are in a strong position to negotiate and when they might need to either bide their time or forego any negotiations altogether. These contrasting positions can be segmented as follows:

  • Greater strength when:
    • Changing employers
    • Recruited by headhunters
    • Skill set/expertise is highly sought
    • Called back for multiple interviews
    • In receipt of at least one other offer
  • Weaker position when:
    • Currently unemployed
    • Being promoted from within
    • In the early stages of a career
    • The candidate pool is more extensive
    • Participating in initial screening interviews

On the topic of objectivity, candidates would be well advised to circumvent the tendency to view their own value and skills through rose-coloured glasses and, in essence, stick to the facts as much as possible. Impartial salary information/data can be obtained from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Online research of salary ranges – by industry, job title/responsibility, experience
  • Direct communication – contacting others currently in the same or a similar job
  • Collaborating with recruiters – headhunters or employment agencies

Additional information that may benefit candidates in their preparations for any salary discussions and negotiations could include:

  • The market value of the position within the local economy
  • How long the position in question has currently been vacant
  • Added value for the employer – contacts, training, experience
  • Specific examples of previous bottom-line contributions/savings

In the same vein that headhunters or staff from an employment agency can assist in collecting such information, they can also coach candidates on how to utilize and present the data in an objective fashion during the negotiation process.

It should also be noted that creativity and open-mindedness can increase the potential for success during salary negotiations. While fixation on an absolute dollar figure/range can limit or suppress the process, a willingness to look at alternatives within the overall compensation package can result in candidates achieving a more satisfying resolution.

In no specific order, elements that may be negotiated in lieu of base salary can include:

  • Vacation time
  • Medical/dental coverage
  • A fitness membership
  • Flexible work hours
  • Vehicle/expense allowances
  • A one-time signing bonus
  • Bonuses/commission rate
  • Profit sharing/stock options
  • Educational assistance

For some individuals, even though they can confidently and objectively develop a case to support their position, actually requesting/negotiating any aspects of compensation and benefits may be somewhat stressful or particularly uncomfortable. Any reservations or hesitancy could be based on a desire to avoid any detriment to securing the position or to making positive first impressions with their new employer/management.

Therefore, further to the role played by headhunters or employment agency staff in:

  • Identifying the job opportunity
  • Coordinating the interviews
  • Conducting salary research
  • Coaching for effective interviews

These specialists can also help candidates complete the placement process by conducting any salary negotiations on their behalf. One employment agency that serves as such an asset is Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

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