The Purpose Of Using Staffing Agencies To Supplement Your HR Department

In essence, a temporary staffing agency connects employees with businesses that need staffing for temporary or part-time positions. These positions/assignments can be either short-term (a few days or weeks) or long-term (several months up to a year or more).

At one time, agency staffing services were considered, or perhaps stereotyped, as a service that provided temporary secretarial or clerical support. This has changed quite dramatically in recent years, as staffing agencies now supply employees for a variety of industries and professions including (but not limited to):

  • Clerical and Administration
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
  • Sales (inside and field-based)
  • Information Technology
  • Personal Support and Homecare

It is also important to note that all individuals placed by a staffing agency are employees of that agency. This plays an integral role in supplementing and streamlining the recruiting and retention efforts of your human resources department.

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How Your Human Resources Department Can Benefit From A Temp Agency

Hiring and on-boarding temporary staff can be a time-consuming process for any human resources department. This is particularly true when your staffing needs are seasonal or occasional in nature. While your human resources team must invest the same amount of time and effort needed to recruit and hire full-time staff, the temporary hires might only be required for a specific purpose over a limited period of time.

In other words, the time investment may be the same, but the return on that investment may be very different as it related to temporary positions. When considered within this context, it may prove to be more cost-effective to use a staffing agency to supplement your human resources team when it comes to filling temporary positions.

Remember, the individuals placed by an agency are employees of that agency. As a result, using a service offers several advantages in terms of saving time for the human resources team and/or in maximizing its recruiting budget:

Applicant Screening

  • Background/criminal record checks and reference checks already completed
  • Accreditations, education, and employment histories have been validated

Employee On-Boarding and Orientation

  • Extensive networks/pools of available candidates can expedite the hiring process
  • Related payroll processing and benefits administration are handled externally
  • Prior skills training and certifications can accelerate start-up time/productivity

Employee Retention

  • Opportunity exists to assess performance during a temporary employment period
  • This may lead to retaining these employees on a full-time basis if/as need dictates

Performance Issues

  • If work-related issues are identified, they are addressed by the temp agency
  • No termination costs incurred if ineffective temporary staff need to be removed

Staffing agencies can play a key role in identifying and on-boarding temporary employees while minimizing and/or reducing your direct and indirect costs related to your in-house recruiting efforts.

Looking to supplement your human resources department through the services offered by a proven staffing agency? Call Winters Technical Staffing today at 1-877-495-7422 to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness your hiring process.

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