A Staffing Agency Must Earn The Right To Be Retained By Employers In Toronto

Staffing AgencyAs an employer, there may be occasions to contemplate and/or hire an external resource to provide staffing services in support of the company. In a similar light, the employer may presently be using a staffing agency for such purposes but has become dissatisfied with the level of service/success rate.

So how does an employer secure a staffing agency for the first time or identifying an alternative agency that proves to be more effective in fulfilling its recruitment and placement responsibilities? By essentially making that agency earn the right to provide their agency staffing services to the employer.

With the number of agencies operating in Toronto and the GTA, that selection process could undoubtedly become muddled. Many agencies might claim that their staffing services are different from all the others, and may offer one or more of the following generalities in support of such a position:

  • Their screening process is more/the most intense
  • Their candidate pool is much deeper/the deepest
  • Their recruiters have the most experience
  • Their fees are the most competitive in the market
  • They have a strong track record of success
  • They base their success on building relationships

While all of the above certainly have positive connotations, is there truly any substance to such claims? Can these agencies produce any data or survey results to support these assertions, or are they just stating what they believe an employer wants to hear? It is therefore very important to separate the wheat from the chaff (as the saying goes) and identify the staffing agency that best meets your company’s specific needs.

In an effort to help separate the contenders from the pretenders, here are some pointed questions to ask every agency that is under consideration for their services:

What is their level of knowledge and recruiting experience in your industry?

  • Do they have a clear understanding of the skills required?
  • Have they successfully placed candidates with your competitors?
  • What steps do they take to remain current and connected in your industry?
  • Are there any current recruiting issues or challenges within your industry?

What is the fee structure for your staffing agency?

  • How does this structure specifically compare to their competitors?
  • Who do they deem to be their competition in Toronto?
  • Do they offer guarantees and how are these guarantees implemented?

Can you describe your recruiting and screening processes in specific terms?

  • How and where do they recruit?
  • How many potential candidates are targeted for each placement?
  • Who conducts the recruiting, screening, and reference checking steps?

What is tyour internal turnover rate in terms of your account managers/recruiters?

How do you measure the satisfaction of your internal clients (placed employees)?

  • Can they produce the satisfaction scores from these employees?
  • How do these scores compare to industry standards?

What do you expect from an employer in terms of investing time and resources?

Winters Technical Staffing is fully prepared to answer any and all questions you may have about our capabilities to partner with your organization as your preferred staffing agency in Toronto and the GTA. Our agency refrains from offering hollow promises, preferring to let our actions, past and present, demonstrate the success you can expect from such a partnership.

For all your staffing requirements, whether they are temporary, part-time, seasonal, or full-time, you can rely on the experience and expertise of Winters Technical Staffing, a leading agency in Toronto for over 40 years. Call us today at 1-877-495-7422 to arrange a suitable time for you to assess the viability of our partnership with your company.

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