Staffing Agencies Help Youth With Successful Job Placements

Staffing AgenciesRecent statistics would indicate that individuals under the age of 25 are experiencing a growing challenge in securing employment in the province of Ontario. One key factor in this observation is a decline in the employment rate within this age group over the year ending June 2014 – and this is being further impacted by a steady increase in the rate of employment for people 55+ years of age.

This is particularly worrisome as more and more young people are looking to enter the workforce, on either a part-time or full-time basis, in order to meet one or more of the following goals:

  • Gain experience in a certain field
  • Save for post-secondary tuition
  • Pay off a student loan
  • Learn a trade
  • Buy a home
  • Start or support a family
  • Open an RRSP or TFSA

Due to the dichotomy of a diminishing employment rate and an increasingly expanding pool of candidates/competitors, younger and/or less experienced job seekers are well advised to connect with a local staffing agency such as Winters Technical Staffing.

Finding employment through individual or self-directed efforts can be time-consuming as well as frustrating and, at times, utterly discouraging. Any/all time and effort invested may be for naught when the young job seeker learns that:

  • There are no positions currently available
  • The job opening has already been filled
  • The position is not exactly as advertised
  • The job posting was stale-dated
  • All qualifications were not clearly outlined
  • Transportation/relocation is at the employee’s expense

On the contrary, staffing agencies can assist in focusing or targeting the job search to meet specific personal needs and timelines. These professional agencies are highly in tune with the staffing requirements of employers across several different fields/areas of specialization, and as a result, can structure job seeking efforts to increase the potential for a successful job placement.

Working with a staffing agency, such as Winters Technical Staffing, will open doors to a significantly greater number of opportunities than a self-directed job search, and will also provide a distinct advantage in successfully securing a position, particularly in light of the current challenges facing younger job seekers in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

The Advantages Of Staffing Agencies For Youth Seeking Employment

For job seekers, particularly those who are 25 years of age or younger, connecting with staffing agencies can produce a significantly greater return on invested time and effort than a self-directed search.

Working with an agency offers several distinct benefits in this regard, including access to:

  • A wider range of job postings within your area of interest or expertise
  • Job postings that may not be advertised to the general public
  • A network of employers that offer entry-level jobs (no experience needed)
  • Full-time, part-time, or contract-based employment opportunities
  • Prospects for gaining general work experience and skill development
  • Professional advice on writing a targeted and effective resume
  • Professional coaching on the dos-and-don’ts for interviews
  • Requisite/mandatory training programs (specifically health and safety)

In today’s highly competitive youth job market, capitalizing on the advantages and the network of connections offered by a professional staffing agency should be the first, and likely the most important step in your efforts to attain a successful job placement.

If you are currently looking for full-time or part-time employment in Toronto, the GTA, or the province of Ontario, connect with a leading staffing agency such as Winters Technical Staffing to widen your range of opportunities and increase the potential for a successful placement. Call us today at 1-877-495-7422 or contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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