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She has a relaxed management styleIt is not uncommon for individuals in various fields of work to suspend their careers for an extended period of time. While their time away from the workforce might range from several months to several years, their reasons for taking a break may be unanticipated, planned, or necessitated by mitigating/extenuating circumstances. Such absences might be due to:

  • Starting and raising a family
  • Caring for an ailing family member
  • Personal health issues
  • Relocation
  • A return to school
  • Corporate downsizing
  • Closing a sole proprietorship

At some point, however, these same individuals might be ready, willing, and/or able to rejoin the workforce, only to find that the workforce they left is in many ways different from the one they now face upon re-entry. New and diverse challenges may come from:

  • Technology upgrades
  • Leaner corporate structures
  • Advancements in skills training
  • Revised educational requirements
  • The use and role of social media
  • Streamlined business practices
  • Accessibility/availability demands

Any/all of these matters can become further complicated based on the duration of their absence in contrast to the type of position they are seeking.

In such an environment, re-establishing a career may appear to be too overwhelming or monumental, and lead to discouragement and even a sense of gloom before the search process begins. It is in cases like these that registering with headhunters or a placement agency, such as Winters Technical Staffing, may offer major benefits to those intent on returning to work after an extended absence.

Hiring headhunters or working with a placement agency may rest on the specific type of work/position being sought in Toronto or the surrounding area. From a more definitive perspective, this could be delineated as follows:


  • Full-time and/or more senior-level positions only

Placement Agency

  • Full-time, part-time, temporary, or contract work
  • Specialization in a particular industry or area of expertise

Whether one or both of these avenues are preferred/chosen, individuals returning to the workforce after extended absences can enhance their potential for successful outcomes by following these suggestions/recommendations:

  • Customize resume content for each position sought
  • Update LinkedIn profile and engage in relevant group discussions
  • Network beyond LinkedIn – revisit prior contacts, join new groups
  • Develop a career map – focus on specific jobs, companies, industries
  • Refresh interviewing skills (and prepare to explain the gap in time)
  • Refresh/update skill set – online, night classes, weekend seminars

Pursuing and/or addressing all of the above options, in addition to stimulating the energy and confidence required to re-enter the workforce, can also accelerate the job seeking effort.

A Placement Agency Can Offer More Immediate Workforce Re-Entry Options

Although your ultimate goal for re-entering the workforce may be full-time or permanent employment with adequate compensation/benefits, you should not overlook or disregard options for a more immediate return to work. The possibilities are perhaps more readily afforded by an agency and may include: contract work, temporary/part-time positions, and project-based opportunities.

In addition to widening the scope of re-entry prospects, such roles will also:

  • Allow a more temperate or controlled return to work
  • Provide some requisite re-training or skills upgrades
  • Open doors to possible or eventual full-time positions
  • Create networking opportunities
  • Provide exposure to new technologies/business practices
  • Help to update and strengthen resume content

Furthermore, a placement agency, such as Winters Technical Staffing, also has the capability to fulfill the primary role of headhunters by simultaneously searching for full-time employment opportunities on your behalf while you are gainfully engaged in more limited-capacity work elsewhere.

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  1. Bruno

    I have a career, an awemose one most people would consider demanding’ with hours that slip into the evenings and weekends more than they probably should. I’m also knocked up. I will be maintaining this career and thanking my lucky stars every day that my colleagues are awemose and my management includes many mothers and fathers. Hell, my boss and I will use the same daycare facility. And not once has there been even a hint of an attitude that I won’t be welcome back after my maternity leave. Or that I’ll need less demanding assignments so I can get home to cook dinner. That’s my husband’s role that man loves to cook.Part of me would love to stay home with my children. But for me, personally, I don’t think doing so full time would give them the best mother they could have. While my employer will do a part-time arrangement, few chlid care providers will.

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