Make A Positive First Impression With Your Resume For Forklift Driver Jobs

Unless you happen to be the beneficiary of nepotism (or favouritism shown to a relative) when applying for forklift driver jobs, you will most likely need to prepare an effective resume that brings your name to the forefront over all other applicants. There will always be a steady need for forklift operator s to work in such industry sectors as:

  • Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Retail

Unfortunately, there will also always be considerable competition for such forklift driver jobs.

Whether you are developing a resume for forklift operator jobs, a substantial amount of thought, time, and effort should always be invested. It has often been said that ‘you reap what you sow’, which can be interpreted to mean that a well prepared resume will yield/result in a far greater amount of interview opportunities than a resume that is quickly and sloppily thrown together.

This article will focus on the relevant and pertinent content that should be included in a resume when applying for forklift driver jobs. With respect to structuring this content and choosing the most appropriate wording/terminology, you may wish to consult with a technical staffing agency, such as Winters Technical Staffing, and take advantage of their expertise in the overall development of an effective resume.

Information To Include In Your Resume When Applying For Forklift Driver Jobs

The content of your cover letter and resume should address a number of important areas such as:

  • The basics – contact information, references, previous work history, education
  • Work experience
  • Accreditations/certifications
  • Demonstrating flexibility and versatility

Here is a brief summary of each area or segment in greater detail:

The Basics

  • Provide all of the ways in which you can be contacted as well as the best times
  • Your previous work history should not contain any gaps that cannot be explained
  • All references should give their consent prior to including their contact information
  • Education must be listed accurately – again, no gaps that cannot be explained

Work Experience

  • List any and all types of forklifts driven – electric, gas, diesel
  • Include specific responsibilities – clearly describe what were you tasked/paid to do
  • Note any specialty jobs – heavy loads, forklifts with cranes/shovels/booms


  • Detail any and all types of forklift licenses or permits
  • Note special training – hazardous materials, temperature-controlled scenarios

Flexibility And Versatility

  • Specify your availability for shift-work, weekends, and overtime hours
  • Indicate your willingness to work in indoor or outdoor environments

When you are intending/preparing to apply for forklift driver jobs, your resume needs to make a positive first impression so that you and your value to an employer will stand above the crowd of other applicants.

Now that you have collected all of the pertinent information to be included in your cover letter and resume, the next step is to compile that information in a format and flow that will attract the attention of numerous employers. Signing on with a staffing agency that specializes in technical or manufacturing industry placements would be a wise decision to help turn that raw information into a compelling resume that can lead to potential opportunities.

Winters Technical Staffing understands this staffing practice and is highly qualified to guide you through the process from start to finish. For the best professional advice on creating an effective resume for forklift driver jobs, call Winters Technical Staffing at 1-877-495-7422 to discuss to arrange a consultation.

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