Looking for Work at Different Stages of Your Career

Adapting Your Job Search Strategy Based on Your Age and Work Experience

Plan A Job StrategyThe range of emotions associated with job searches has often been likened to a ride on a roller coaster; individuals looking for a new job can experience many highs (anticipation, encouragement) and lows (apprehension, frustration) as they move through the process, sometimes going through this up-and-down cycle several times before finally landing the position they have been seeking.

Let’s face it; job searches can be daunting endeavours, partly because they are basically competitions between individuals unknown to each other and partly because they are not everyday occurrences. In essence, looking for a job can be unfamiliar territory for many people, whether they are entering the workforce for the first time or attempting to make a career change after several years of employment.

However, there are increasing degrees of difficulty between finding entry-level jobs and advanced roles, in turn influenced by a single yet extremely important factor; the age of the candidate. There is a general consensus that it becomes more challenging to find a new job as someone gets older; this is because younger or less experienced candidates tend to be seen by many hiring managers as more abundant (thus less expensive), more impressionable (hence more open to ideas), and willing to take on more mundane tasks.

Nevertheless, this mindset should by no means discourage a more experienced or senior candidate from looking for a new job or making a career change; it does suggest though, that job search strategies, particularly how candidates represent themselves, may need to be adapted to their age and experience.

Here are some recommendations for optimizing one’s job search and what to emphasize to a prospective employer, based on the age of the candidate (by decade);

  • Age 20-30 Years
    • Establish a 5-year horizon to gain experience
    • Create a professional online/social media profile
    • Pursue networking and volunteering opportunities
    • Consider apprenticeships/internships (paid/unpaid)
    • Stress a willingness to learn and to travel or relocate
  • Age 30-40 Years
    • Assess likes and dislikes – what fuels the most passion?
    • Test the job search market to learn and remain up-to-date
    • Formulate a career path to satisfy personal and work needs
    • Consider/request an internal job change to expand expertise
    • Volunteer for leadership opportunities in the current company
    • Cultivate relationships with co-workers, industry peers, clients
  • Age 40-50 Years
    • Collect examples of outcomes to support value/worth to employers
    • Craft a resume that substantiates expertise in certain subjects/fields
    • Update online profile (especially LinkedIn) to reflect content of resume
    • Job-search while employed – use networking, agencies, online applications
    • Seek roles that offer best opportunities for impact, recognition, satisfaction
  • Age 50+ Years
    • Customize resume and LinkedIn profile to a single page
    • Focus largely on the ten most recent years of experience
    • Exhibit an enthusiastic and motivated attitude and approach
    • Demonstrate a willingness to work with/mentor younger staff
    • Invest time/effort to remain current re: advances in technology
    • Maintain an openness with respect to function and compensation

Age should not be considered a deterrent to finding employment or seeking new career opportunities. By adapting one’s job search strategy to their present age and the stage of their career, it is indeed possible to overcome potential age-related stereotypes and to find rewarding and inspiring roles throughout one’s working life.

Capitalize on the Knowledge and Resources of a Professional Placement Agency

Professional Placement AgencyRegardless of their age or years of experience, individuals seeking employment can find benefit in the expertise and resources available through a respected recruitment agency such as Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

The professional consultants at Winters Technical Staffing can provide the guidance and support candidates may need to help find the job that is best for them – in a streamlined and focused manner. This is because these job placement specialists maintain extensive networks of contacts across numerous employment sectors, and consequently will often have knowledge of openings and opportunities that may not be available to candidates engaged in self-driven job searches.

Based on 40+ years of recruiting and placement history and success, Winters Technical Staffing can be a valued asset for job seekers at various stages of their personal and professional lives, including those who:

  • Are looking for entry-level or apprenticeship roles
  • Have decided to make a change in their career path
  • Are interested in new challenges/learning experiences
  • Have the capability to relocate to achieve their career goals

Consulting with an experienced placement specialist from Winters Technical Staffing can be a wise investment of time and effort whenever an individual needs or wants to initiate a job search.

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If you looking for an entry-level job, an apprenticeship opportunity, or are considering a change in your employer and/or your career path, take advantage of the knowledge and resources available from the experienced recruitment consultants from Winters Technical Staffing.  Call Winters Technical Staffing today at 416-495-7422 or contact us and request to speak with one of our consultants.

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