Looking for Work at Different Times of the Year

Better and Less-Than-Ideal Times of the Year to Initiate Your New Job Search

Looking for Work at Different Times of the YearFor some people, the need to look for a new job could be dictated by circumstance; the closing of a business, a corporate downsizing, an employment relocation opportunity for their spouse or partner, or changes in their personal/family life are some of the reasons why people must begin an immediate search for work, independent of the time of year.

In other cases, though, an individual may be gainfully employed but has made a decision that the time for a change has arrived, perhaps for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Changes in their financial or family obligations
  • Lack of appreciation by their present employer
  • Lack of fulfillment in their current responsibilities
  • A desire to pursue a new career in a new industry
  • To expedite advancement in their area of expertise
  • To create an opportunity for better work-life balance

Regardless of the motivation for changing jobs, there is one factor that runs consistently throughout; the individual has control in terms of when they begin their new job search.  In turn, this raises a rather important question – are there better times of the year than others to look for work?  In other words, when someone decides that they want to make a change, should they not give themselves the best circumstances by which to succeed?

With an understanding that the following information should not be considered as cast in stone, here is a synopsis of the better and less-than-ideal times of the year to undertake a new job search:

  • January through May – favourable 
    • New annual budgets are in place for recruiting and training
    • Needs may exist due to turnover, retirements, or promotions
    • Companies want staff in place before summer vacations begin
  • June through August – less favourable
    • Tends to be a slower part of the year for many businesses
    • Decision makers often take vacation or work summer hours
    • Many firms are focused on their strategic plans for next year
  • September and October – favourable
    • Decision-makers are back in full stride after the summertime lull
    • Hiring/training may have prioritization for yearend/seasonal needs
    • Budgets/funds are still available for recruiting/onboarding purposes
  • November and December – less favourable
    • Many corporate initiatives are in the final stages of completion
    • Budgets are often depleted for those on calendar financial years
    • Efforts are focused on essential activities only prior to the holidays
  • Holiday Seasons – less favourable
    • Decision-makers often add personal vacation time to these breaks
    • Message and mail volumes can be excessive upon their return to work
    • Energies are reserved/allocated to addressing high-priority matters only

While it is apparent that some parts of the year are more favourable to succeeding with a new job search, those who are contemplating taking such action would be well-advised to be fully prepared before investigating potential opportunities.  This preparation should include an updated resume and an appropriate amount of research relative to industries, employers, compensation, and more, to ensure that the candidate is well-equipped, in a manner of speaking, to confidently and effectively conduct their new job search.

Staffing Specialists Can Guide and Support Your Job Search Efforts in Toronto

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These professional consultants from Winters Technical Staffing can advise and support candidates undertaking new job searches, whether in or outside of Toronto, in a number of critically-important ways, such as:

  • Identifying viable opportunities
  • Assessing skill sets and training needs
  • Preparation of resumes and cover letters
  • Guidance on proper behaviour in interviews
  • Advice re: salary/compensation expectations
  • Follow-up communication – timing and protocol

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