Process Engineer

If the idea of working with everyone during all the stages of manufacturing and helping to create or modify innovative processes in diverse and exciting fields interests you, then you may be suited for a career as a process engineer.

A process engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, optimizing, and controlling industrial processes within a variety of industries such as agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. This may also involve:

Analyzing data

Drafting plans

Researching technology

Touring and inspecting sites

Reviewing installations

As for responsibilities, commonly seen requirements found in job descriptions may include some or all of the following:

  • Evaluate design proposals
  • Develop analytical programs to monitor operations
  • Maintain process documentation
  • Assess test data

The following skills and experience would also benefit an individual looking to work in the field of process engineering:

Management experience

Spatial reasoning

Creative thinking

Excellent analytical skills

Logical and critical thinking ability

In order to become a process engineer, a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or a related field is required. The most applicable fields are chemical, mechanical, environmental, and civil engineering. You also must be registered and licensed as a Professional Engineer with your province’s association.

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