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Chemical Engineers Play Vital Roles in Many Aspects of Everyday Life

It is likely that most consumers do not give much thought to the origins of the products they use or the foods they eat on a daily basis, nor do they wonder how these items are developed or produced. Let’s face it – most of their concerns rest with the perceived or actual value of the end-products; that is, based on how much money they spend on such items, clothes must wear well/last, meal choices have to be satisfying, electronic devices need to work safely and effectively, and so on.

Yet somebody must have the responsibility for developing and creating these products or they probably would not be available to consumers at all; and this particular role falls to the chemical engineer. Basically, chemical engineers design large-scale and economical processes that convert raw materials, chemicals, energy, and perhaps microorganisms, into usable/practical shapes and products; furthermore, chemical engineers are charged with protection of the environment and natural resources as well as ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations/standards.

Fundamentally, chemical engineering jobs are segmented into one of these two streams:

  • Development of new or modified substances and materials
  • Design, manufacture, and operation of plants and machinery

Consequently, job responsibilities for a chemical engineer might include some or many of the following:

  • Researching new or better manufacturing processes
  • Designing and planning the layout of industrial equipment
  • Develop safety procedures for handling hazardous materials
  • Testing and monitoring the efficiencies of production processes
  • Ensuring that equipment/processes meet environmental standards
  • Forecasting and measuring production costs relative to time/quantity

It should be rather obvious at this point that chemical engineers play a vital role in many aspects of daily life. This is further evidenced by the fact that employment opportunities are widespread for this particular discipline, including but not limited to such sectors as:

  • Biotechnology
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plant Operations
  • Health and Safety

To enter this career field, candidates will need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Specific areas of study should concentrate on the following:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Economic Efficiency
  • Applied Mathematics

The work environment for a chemical engineer is largely office-based or in a laboratory, with some time spent visiting industrial plants or production facilities for the purposes of directing or monitoring operations or perhaps troubleshooting procedural breakdowns or concerns; some of these onsite visits might require domestic or international travel.

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