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Piping Engineer and Piping Designer Jobs Offer Viable Career Opportunities

Most people are aware that systems of pipes are required for the delivery of natural gas and water to residences, businesses, recreational facilities, and other types of complexes within their communities.  Such systems are essentially taken for granted, as it is simply expected that these resources will flow as needed/on demand by the consumer; perhaps the only time that the user has any appreciation for these systems is when their function is disrupted via accident or malice.

But it is safe to say that consumers give very little thought to the actual design of these systems; they do not spend a lot of time wondering how a resource arrives/is delivered but rather that it just be there when needed.  This point of view, though understandable, is not shared by a piping engineer or a piping designer; in fact, it is the skill sets of these professionals which often lead to that consumer perspective.

Although the two job titles may be/are used interchangeably, and there is some overlap within their scope of responsibilities, a piping engineer and a piping designer are perhaps best delineated as follows:

  • Piping Engineer – devises an appropriate pipe system to transport a particular gas or liquid from one location to another on the basis of math, physics, and chemistry
  • Piping Designer – a sub-specialty of piping engineering, with emphasis on drafting the specifications for the construction, installation, and operation of that pipe system

Based on the type of gas or liquid being transported, including such factors as viscosity and volatility, piping engineers and piping designers will need to consider the following in their respective development stages/responsibilities:

  • Pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Temperature
  • Pipe composition

Other vitally important considerations within the overall industrial piping process include:

  • Public safety
  • Employee health and safety
  • Facility reliability and security

Employment opportunities for piping engineers and designers can span a cross-section of industries, including but not limited to:

Civil Construction

Energy and Power

Dredging and Drilling

Waste-water Treatment

Oil and Gas/Petrochemical

With respect to salary expectations for individuals in these positions, recently-published data in Canada cited a median hourly rate of $41.00, within a range of $33.00 to $55.00 per hour. Factors that can impact/influence actual compensation for piping engineer and piping designer jobs would consist of:

  • Industry demand
  • Educational background
  • Previous work experience
  • Overall range of responsibility

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