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Electrical Designers Play a Vital Role in Ensuring the Optimal Flow of Electricity

For the vast majority of people, the flow of electricity on a daily basis, for all intents and purposes, is typically taken for granted. Whether they are at home, work, or elsewhere, they merely expect to have functioning lights, appliances, signage, traffic signals, etc. at all times; those who would deny having such expectations might want to recall how they felt the last time they were inconvenienced by a power outage, even for a brief period.

But the effective flow of electrical current is slightly more complex than simply flipping a wall switch or plugging electronic devices like toasters, modems, and yard maintenance tools into sockets/outlets. Specific diagrams are needed to ensure that an adequate and appropriate amount of electricity is available and supplied within any particular setting or application, and these diagrams are the responsibility of an electrical designer.

Electrical designers utilize software programs to develop designs for a variety of projects including but not restricted to lighting, power distribution, and the operation of electrical equipment and instrumentation.  Within these designs, electrical designers are often also responsible for determining the specific equipment, wiring, and cabling needed to deliver the optimal supply of electricity as required for the respective project.

Individuals interested in pursuing employment as an electrical designer must obtain their high school diploma, followed by a post-secondary program in electrical or architectural engineering, engineering technology, or drafting. Key areas of study should emphasize:

  • Mathematics
  • Material sciences
  • Digital electronics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Electrical circuits and equipment
  • Computer-aided design and drafting

Some of the varied responsibilities that may be included in job descriptions for electrical designers could be:

  • Design line diagrams, wiring diagrams, and panel layouts
  • Determine overload and short-circuit protection requirements
  • Visit project or construction sites to assess design requirements
  • Create the bill of materials for projects and assist in procurement
  • Assess best route for wiring to minimize outages, reduce risk of injury
  • Assist in communicating technical information to client representatives
  • Assist in development of system operating manuals and training materials

Securing an apprenticeship opportunity can also play a vital role in developing valuable knowledge and practical experience in the field of electrical design; this avenue might be accessible as part of a post-secondary program curriculum or could be available through an employer as part of on-the-job training.

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Placement Consultants Can Support Your Search for an Electrical Designer Job

Individuals looking for apprenticeship, entry-level or advanced employment opportunities in the field of electrical design might find it advantageous to work with the professional placement consultants at Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, a leading staffing agency within the engineering sector for more than 40 years.

These staffing specialists at Winters Technical Staffing have comprehensive knowledge of the skills, experience, and educational backgrounds required to obtain electrical designer jobs within a wide range of employers/industries, including:

  • Solar Energy
  • Power Generation
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Communications Installation
  • Home or Building Construction
  • Public Works (e.g. roads, utilities)

Supported by the knowledge and guidance provided by these Winters Technical Staffing consultants, candidates for electrical designer jobs can strengthen and focus their search efforts through such means as:

Resume content development

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Access to apprenticeship opportunities

Awareness of non-publicized job postings

Knowledge of potential compensation ranges

For over four decades, Winters Technical Staffing has been assisting electrical designers as they search for employment that best suits their skills, experience, and career goals; for further information on the specialization of Winters Technical Staffing in relation to engineering jobs, including positions within the discipline of electrical design, get in touch with us.

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