A Professional Electrician Recruiter Can Help Find You An Apprenticeship

Electrician RecruiterWorking with electricity demands a combination of knowledge, skills, and caution, and as such, should not be attempted by the uninitiated. Therefore, as seen with many of the skilled trades, pursuing a career as an electrician requires specific educational and/or training components – ultimately culminating in the attainment of an apprenticeship.

While the minimum educational requirement stipulated by the Province of Ontario is the completion of Grade 10, the unionized segment of the electrical industry as well as many employers prefer an electrician with a high school diploma (to Grade 12) that includes English, Mathematics, and Physics.

To become a licensed electrician in Ontario, the candidate must also complete 9,000 hours of apprenticeship, which is usually equated to roughly five years. Unfortunately, while an apprenticeship is mandatory, obtaining/acquiring such a role can prove to be somewhat challenging, especially for those without any experience/seeking their first job in this field. Therefore, an aspiring electrician could benefit from the expert tutelage of a professional recruiter such as Winters Technical Staffing.

When seeking an electrician apprenticeship, a candidate should have an idea of their field of interest i.e.: the type of electrical work they prefer:

  • Construction and maintenance – industrial, commercial, institutional
  • Low rise residential – basically focused on housing (but not high-rises)
  • Line work – primarily encompassing the high voltage and utility areas

An electrician recruiter can ensure that the candidate has the necessary certifications to pursue an apprenticeship in these target fields. As well, the electrician recruiter can help customize or tailor the candidate’s resume to the needs/interests of employers within those fields by emphasizing any and all appropriate aspects pertaining to:

  • Education and relevant skills
  • Additional electrician training or certifications
  • Completion of pre-apprenticeship programs
  • Personal skills/assets

Furthermore, an electrician recruiter can offer several other advantages to those who are seeking an apprenticeship:

  • Direct access to potential employers
  • Access to job postings not otherwise publicized
  • Coaching on proper conduct in an interview
  • Mandated health and safety training

Working in tandem with an experienced electrician recruiter like Winters Technical Staffing can help streamline and better target the candidate’s search efforts as well as accelerate the time needed to secure a successful placement. Here are some of our trade industry specialties.

Enhance Your Electrician Apprenticeship Search With A Broad-Based Approach

Although completing an apprenticeship is a requirement when pursuing a career as an electrician, and despite the fact that many such opportunities can and will be available at any given time, securing such a position can be a challenging and frustrating process, especially for those with little to no experience in the electrical field.

Therefore, you should remain open to any/all apprenticeship/employment possibilities, and supplement the efforts of your recruiter through your own search initiatives. Such energies might be directed to:

  • Scanning for career opportunities posted in newspapers and online
  • Cold-calling local businesses (personal visits with resume in hand)
  • Networking with friends or family members in related industries
  • Contacting various contractors, electrical supply companies, etc.
  • Applying for non-electrician roles with these companies (foot-in-the-door)
  • Expanding your search beyond your local geography/preferred location

Although a professional electrician recruiter can be a significant resource and asset in your pursuit of an apprenticeship, it is important that you avoid becoming complacent in your search efforts. In other words, utilizing the services of a recruitment agency, such as Winters Technical Staffing, should not preclude you from seeking an apprenticeship on your own.

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  1. Patti Osterberg

    Thanks for the tip about using an electrician recruiter to find an apprenticeship! I’m interested in becoming an electrician, but I wasn’t sure how to get hands-on experience with it. This sounds like a perfect introduction to the field. I’m curious if you are required to have taken any classes on electrical work before an electrician will take you on as an apprentice?

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