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resume-writingFor many job seekers, preparing a resume can be an arduous task. After all, a resume is often the primary avenue for making a first impression with prospective employers, so individuals in search of employment want to portray their candidacy in the best possible light. Furthermore, resume content also needs to stand above the crowd, in a manner of speaking, since it will likely be one of many such documents received by hiring managers or agency representatives who are contracted to provide candidate screening services.

Unfortunately, many applicants can either undersell or overhype their candidacy, or even misrepresent their case for securing employment, by the choice of words/phrases that appear in their resumes and/or covering letters. Conversely, those who are successful in advancing through the screening and interview stages have often caught the attention of hiring managers or the agency offering staffing services through the use of words and terminology that are applicable to/particular to the prerequisites for the position and/or the employer.

Sometimes, applicants can focus too heavily on trying to incorporate buzzwords or catch phrases within their resumes because they perceive that this will be attractive to hiring managers or their representatives from employment agencies. On the contrary, this approach can actually be detrimental to job seeking efforts because such terminology is often considered to be hollow or lacking in supportive proof or evidence.

Therefore, wording that should be avoided when preparing a resume might include:

  • Thought leader
  • Problem solver
  • Creative thinker
  • Innovative
  • Self-motivated
  • Proactive
  • Highly motivated
  • Hard working
  • Results-oriented
  • Value-added
  • Detail-oriented
  • Team player

Rather than trying to impress with such esoteric or generic terminology, candidates will be better served by using words or phrases that describe specific actions, achievements, or results from their past work experience, education, or perhaps volunteer activities. In essence, job seekers should focus their resume content on examples that can be verified and/or quantified.

To that end, the following types of action words/phrases, or verbs, will have a strikingly different impact on hiring managers and staff from employment agencies:

  • Created/developed
  • Achieved/attained
  • Launched/initiate
  • Spearheaded/led
  • Secured or won
  • Trained/coached
  • Increased/decreased
  • Volunteered
  • Ranked
  • Resolved
  • Improved/reduced
  • Pioneered/tested

These types of words help to more clearly describe behaviours exhibited or actions taken by the candidate in the past and are likely to be seen again should a position be offered.

When preparing a resume, the choice of wording can significantly influence receptivity to its actual content and, more importantly, employment potential. Job seekers may wish to capitalize on the resume-writing services provided by an employment agency such as Winters Technical Staffing, as a means of developing or refining their resumes and improving their chances of standing above the crowd.

Employment Agencies Can Assist With Many Aspects Of A Job Search

For more than 40 years, Winters Technical Staffing has been assisting qualified job seekers in securing employment within various industries throughout Toronto and the GTA. Over that time, these employers have engaged with our recruiters to fill many types of positions, including:

  • Contract
  • Temporary
  • Seasonal
  • Project-based
  • Permanent hire

Regardless of your employment needs or ambitions, an effectively-worded resume will be an important asset in attracting the attention of reviewers, interviewers, and/or hiring managers. Resume development is one of the critical services we provide to job seekers, in addition to:

  • Career mapping
  • Industry networking
  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Interview etiquette/demeanor

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If you would like help in preparing or refining your resume, contact a recruiter from our agency today. Call Winters Technical Staffing at 1-877-495-7422 to ensure that your resume is properly structured and formatted.

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