Give Your Resume an Update to Start the New Year

The Start of a New Calendar Year is an Excellent Time to Update Your Resume

Give Your Resume an Update to Start the New YearMany people will associate various times of the year as triggers for taking certain actions or tending to specific responsibilities within their personal/family lives.  For example, the arrival of the month of April often prompts a scramble to collect all receipts and file a tax return, while the time changes in the spring and fall will act as a reminder to replace the batteries in smoke detectors; there are several other activities, particularly those related to home maintenance, that are also linked to long weekends or specific dates.

A lot can happen over throughout the course of a calendar year and, as many individuals will likely attest, it takes a degree of discipline to ensure that actions and responsibilities such as those noted above are given the appropriate time and attention.  But what about the professional side of the story – is it not within the realm of possibility that things can also change, in slight or significant ways, over 12 months?  The answer of course, is yes.

However, if readers of this article are approached and asked to instantly produce a copy of their resume, how many would truly be comfortable and confident that it is completely current?  In all probability, that response would be ‘not very many’ or something to that effect.  Which brings this discussion back to the subject of associating a time of the year with a particular activity; that is, the start of a new calendar year is an excellent time to update one’s resume.

This last statement may bring to mind the question: “Why should I update my resume?” particularly from those who are content in their current jobs and are not looking to make a change.  Because, in a nutshell, one cannot predict when new opportunities may arise that should at the least be considered, if not pursued, so it is always a good idea to have an updated resume immediately at hand; moreover, if any of those job opportunities are of interest, there would be less work needed to get the resume ready for distribution.

To that end, the professional recruiters from Winters Technical Staffing, a leading agency in Toronto for over 45 years, offer the following suggestions to help update one’s resume at the beginning of each new year, or at any time for that matter:

  • Review personal contact information – have there been any changes?
  • Remove the career objective statement (no longer part of any resume)
  • Update recent/current work experience as well as any new skills learned
  • Any accreditations or education/training completed since the last update?
  • Include the most recent performance metrics; and can they be quantified?
  • Remove outdated information i.e.: items that may date back 10-15+ years
  • Assess the terminology and keywords used – are they current? or overused?
  • Refresh personal and professional references and/or their contact information
  • Consider the length of the resume – is it sufficiently succinct to retain interest?
  • Consider the format of the resume – font type/size, number of bullet points, etc.
  • Does the updated resume align with the content of online profiles e.g.: LinkedIn?
  • Remember to review content and privacy settings of other social media accounts
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread – all content, spelling, grammar, dates, data, etc.

Though one may wonder: “Why should I invest this much effort to update my resume on a regular basis?”, it does not hurt to be prepared in case the need, desire, or opportunity presents itself to pursue a new job, or a professional recruiter makes contact subsequent to conducting a LinkedIn search.  Besides, taking the time to update a resume can have an inspiring effect one’s overall level of confidence when their relevant skills, experience, and accomplishments are reviewed in such a fashion.

Strengthen Your Resume and Job Search with the Support of a Skilled Recruiter

Strengthen Your Resume and Job Search with the Support of a Skilled RecruiterWhen someone is in the position of actively looking for a new job, perhaps due to need or personal aspiration, there can be significant benefit gained by coordinating the search efforts with the resources available from a reliable employment agency such as Winters Technical Staffing.  The knowledgeable recruiters at Winters Technical Staffing, a leading agency in Toronto for more than 45 years, can give job seekers professional advice and guidance to help prepare resumes that will draw the attention of prospective employers, especially in relation to:

  • Length
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Style/Formatting
  • Audience Targeting
  • Accuracy/Proofreading

Along with their support in updating resumes, the recruiters at Winters Technical Staffing can provide insight and suggestions relative to these aspects of the job search process:

  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Social media use
  • Any training needs

Candidates looking to enhance their job search efficiencies and outcomes are invited to join the talent network maintained by the skilled recruiters at Winters Technical Staffing, a leading Toronto agency.

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