Important Qualities When Hiring a Forklift Driver

When Hiring a Forklift Driver, Have Your Recruiter Look for These Vital Qualities

Important Qualities When Hiring a Forklift DriverTo some people, forklift drivers may be characterized as individuals who dart around the floors of warehouses in little motorized trucks lifting, loading, and unloading skids/stacks of boxes or packaged material; in fact, in some cinematic representations, such activities are often shown at accelerated speeds in order to elicit laughs/smiles from the viewers.

However, for those who have a more intimate knowledge of forklift jobs, the above may be viewed as an inappropriate depiction if not outright disrespectful to those who work in these roles.  Forklift operating is not as simple as one might assume and does it should not be seen as a source of entertainment for forklift operators or their fellow employees working on that same warehouse floor, dock/pier, or loading platform.

Forklift operators play important roles in a supply chain, typified by their responsibilities for the safe and effective movement/storage of goods as part of the shipping-distribution process.  And this is why employers require skilled and capable forklift operators, in turn emphasizes the value of collaborating with a recruiter that offers extensive experience in finding such candidates.

In addition to the physical capability to operate a forklift in a safe and suitable manner, drivers need to perform several vital tasks on a daily basis; some of their responsibilities can/will consist of:

  • Inspection/maintenance of their forklifts
  • Receiving and storage of incoming shipments
  • Accurately picking/preparing outgoing shipments
  • Inventory control – quantities, rotations, and records
  • Proper workplace safety/handling of hazardous materials

As a result, employers looking for skilled forklift drivers, and thus the recruiter entrusted with the search, will want to identify candidates who possess/demonstrate qualities such the following (presented here in no particular order):

  • Organization Skills – to complete routine duties in a systematic and timely fashion
  • Prioritization Skills – ability to perform/meet deadlines in fast-paced environments
  • Communication – to clearly articulate all actions/safety concerns to team members
  • Attention to Detail – to ensure that forklifts are always kept in proper working order
  • Patience – a disposition to take all appropriate precautions before operating a forklift
  • Flexible Availability – capacity to adapt to changes in priorities/schedules as required

The significance of recruiting and hiring qualified drivers for forklift jobs simply cannot be overstated.  But for many employers, this can be a painstaking and protracted task; one that can adversely affect productivity levels both on the jobsite/warehouse floor and in the offices of those charged with the responsibility of filling the positions.  To avoid these situations, employers can find the support they need in the experienced forklift operator recruiters from Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

Experienced Forklift Operator Recruiters Can Help Streamline, Accelerate Hiring

Forklift Operator RecruitersWhenever recruiting is done internally, the investment of time and staffing resources can be considerable, and there are no guarantees that a suitable candidate will be identified. By capitalizing on the resources of a recruiter that has experience in a specific area, like hiring forklift drivers for example, employers can redirect the time and effort otherwise demanded from in-house staff while simultaneously improving their overall probability of filling the position.

For more than 45 years, specialists from Winters Technical Staffing have been providing employers with the insight and expertise necessary for recruiting skilled forklift drivers.  When acting on behalf of an employer, Winters Technical Staffing consultants can help to streamline and accelerate the recruitment process by providing the following:

  • A pre-defined pool of candidates
  • Candidate identification/screening
  • Organization of all in-person interviews
  • Background, reference, and police checks

While Winters Technical Staffing looks after the above steps, internal staff can maintain their productivity levels and focus on other priorities/tasks relating to the daily operation of the business.

For further information on the services provided by the recruiters from Winters Technical Staffing relative to forklift operator jobs.

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