How to Decide Whether You Should Look for Full-Time or Part-Time Employment

Contemplating the Pros and Cons of Full-Time versus Part-Time Employment

How to Decide Whether You Should Look for Full-Time or Part-Time EmploymentThere is considerable truth to the axiom that money does not grow on trees, especially if taken literally. With the exception of the very fortunate few who overcome extremely long odds to win a lottery, the vast majority of people will devote a significant portion of their adulthood to working at some type of job (or jobs).

When thoughts turn to finding employment, most job hunters will immediately default to applying for full-time positions. This has likely been ingrained in most people as the best way to go, so to speak, for reasons that might be unclear yet seemingly accepted on the basis of tradition.

But is full-time always the best way to go? The answer is an unequivocal … maybe not.

For some people, part-time employment may be a preferential option over full-time jobs.  Based on such factors as one’s marital status, family situation, financial circumstances, recreational interests, short-term versus long-term plans and goals and more, working in a part-time capacity could in fact be the more attractive option.

To assist those who may be weighing their options at different points in their lives, here is a synopsis of the more significant advantages and disadvantages relative to full-time versus part-time employment:

  • Pros and Cons of Full-Time Work
    • More stable and consistent income/pay schedule
    • Likelihood of having health care and other benefits
    • Opportunities for advancement/career development
    • Greater lifetime earnings – larger retirement pension
    • Higher related costs – transport, clothing, child care
    • Infringement on time for leisure and family activities
    • Potentially more demanding, therefore more stressful
    • May inhibit flexibility to tend to personal/family matters
  • Pros and Cons of Part-Time Work
    • Greater flexibility for planning daily and weekly activities
    • More control over work schedule, including overtime hours
    • Can assess job, field, employer before committing to full-time
    • Keeps skills/knowledge current should personal situation change
    • Less income stability and lower overall pay/remuneration
    • Limited opportunity for merit increases/skills development
    • Personal/work-related costs may consume all net earnings
    • Might need support at home (due to inconsistent schedules)

Clearly, there are several factors to be considered when deciding whether to pursue full-time or part-time work and some of these circumstances can even be at odds with each other. In turn, the preferred employment option will be swayed by, and need to satisfy, the personal, family, and financial priorities (present and future) of the job seeker.

Experienced Job Placement Specialists Can Guide and Support Your Job Search

Sometimes, when individuals are contemplating how best to enter or re-enter the labour force, consulting with an unbiased third party, such as a job placement professional from Winters Technical Staffing, can provide the direction required to make an informed and confident decision on their career path.

Supported by 45 years of recruitment and staffing experience and expertise, the Winters Technical Staffing consultants can be highly-valued assets to job seekers relative to their insight on such critical aspects of a job search as:

  • How to Decide Whether You Should Look for Full-Time or Part-Time EmploymentType of employment (full-time, part-time)
  • Targeting specific sectors and/or employers
  • Development of resume/cover letter content
  • Interview preparations (responses, demeanor)
  • Networking opportunities, in person and online
  • Development of social media profiles (LinkedIn)
  • Pursuing apprenticeships, training, certifications

Aligning one’s employment requirements/preferences with the knowledge and guidance offered by job placement specialist at Winters Technical Staffing can give clear definition and direction to the search effort, open the door to a wider range of viable opportunities, and even accelerate the process toward achieving a satisfactory and fitting outcome.

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