An Employment Agency Can Streamline Searches To Attract The Right Audience

Employment Agency TorontoIn today’s economy, it is somewhat understandable when a significant number of people submit a resume/application for a job posting or advertisement – even though their work experience or skills may not meet the minimum requirements specified by the employer. Individuals who may currently be unemployed or laid off, those looking to transition from part-time to full-time work, or perhaps those dissatisfied with their current job or rate of pay cannot be faulted for wanting and/or needing to better their employment status. This can be especially true when one considers the cost of living in Toronto.

From the viewpoint of an employer with staffing needs, which require agency staffing services, while the volume of the responses may in fact appear encouraging, the time and effort required to screen all applicants against the minimum requirements for the position will result in direct and indirect costs to their company. Human resources will need to be dedicated to complete this task, which could likely result in time taken away from their other responsibilities or priorities.

So how does an employer go about finding the most suitable or viable candidates while simultaneously managing time and costs in an efficient and effective manner?

Streamlining this process will require a number of important decisions in all of the areas noted below. Each decision should be made on the basis of the applicant audience and the volume of resumes/applications that the company is prepared and willing to accept:

Determining the scope of the target audience

  • Minimum educational background
  • Extent and type of previous experience/employment
  • Required accreditations/certifications
  • Distinct criteria – shift work, weekends, travel, relocation

Selecting the means of advertising

  • Specific job boards or portals (Monster, Workopolis)
  • General print or online classifieds (Kijiji, Craigslist)
  • Company website
  • Relevant professional associations
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Employment agency resources

Method of accepting resumes/applications and inquiries

  • E-mail and/or in writing
  • Telephone
  • In person – at job fairs or onsite at a specified time
  • Direct to the company or through a central agency?

Method of responding to applicants or interested parties

  • To all or only a select group (based on set criteria)
  • By e-mail, in writing, or by phone
  • By a company representative or an external agency?

This absolute volume of decisions may be overwhelming, let alone the actual processes of posting the position or positions and screening the incoming responses. For these and other reasons, employers in Toronto with staffing needs may well benefit from the agency staffing services offered by the likes of Winters Technical Staffing.

Centralize Your Recruiting Efforts To Fill Your Permanent Staffing Needs

For employers looking to fill their staffing requirements, there are several benefits to using an employment agency in Toronto.

Winters Technical Staffing can help streamline/centralize the recruiting process and focus those efforts on your target audience in the following ways:

  • Preparing a detailed job posting
  • Determining the best advertising media
  • Collecting and screening all applications
  • Searching our own database for viable candidates
  • Networking with our contacts in targeted associations/groups
  • Networking through social media (LinkedIn , Twitter)
  • Identifying/screening high-interest respondents
  • Arranging final candidate interviews with the employer
  • Performing background checks and reference checks

Through these targeted recruiting services and more, Winters Technical Staffing can help accelerate the hiring process to address your staffing needs while simultaneously allowing your team to better maintain its overall productivity levels plus manage your recruiting costs more effectively.

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If you are finding it a challenge to attract the right target audience with your recruiting efforts, consider the value of working with a leading employment agency in Toronto. Call the recruiting experts at Winters Technical Staffing today at 1-877-495-7422 to book a complimentary consultation on how we can best address your staffing needs.

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