Career Options for Individuals with a Degree in Aerospace Engineering

A Degree in Aerospace Engineering Opens the Doors to a Wide Range of Jobs

Career Options for Individuals with a Degree in Aerospace EngineeringMost people would have a general awareness that engineering is a specific area of study at the post-secondary level, and perhaps may know someone who has earned some type of degree in this discipline, but they would likely be unable to articulate what engineers do in their jobs; for the record, engineers apply science, math, and practical evidence to create, design, build, operate, and maintain structures, systems, and devices /machines.

And, as with many other professional fields, engineering has a number of sub-specialties including some of the more commonly-recognized streams such as chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.  However, although it may be lesser-known among these various sub-specialties, the field of aerospace engineering offers a viable career path; once again for the record, aerospace engineering jobs focus explicitly on the design, construction, and operation of onboard systems for aircraft and spacecraft as well as a similar focus for missile, satellite, and weapons systems.

In large part, individuals in aerospace engineering jobs tend to concentrate their efforts on the initial development or subsequent improvement of the operation and performance of the above-noted systems relative to one or more of these elements:

  • Safety
  • Composition
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Weight Reduction
  • Speed and Distance
  • Environmental Effect

Aerospace engineers can also be called on to contribute ideas and knowledge at various points in the lifecycles of these systems, including such stages as:

  • Research
  • Innovation
  • Development
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Testing of Performance
  • Assessment and Refinement

Due to the complexities of aerospace systems, these engineers will principally work as members of teams; the areas of specialization within these teams often consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Aerodynamics – the study of motion through air or space
  • Propulsion – methods of producing thrust and acceleration
  • Manufacturing – production of aircraft/spacecraft/components
  • Materials Science – the properties and applications of materials
  • Avionics – electrical systems used in communication, navigation
  • Structural Analysis – studying the effects of pressure loads/force

Indeed, the duties/responsibilities of aerospace engineer jobs can be rather diverse, due to the highly-specialized performance requirements and safety measures inherent in that industry.  However, independent of specific responsibilities, the ever-present demand for new or improved designs and applications for various aircraft, spacecraft, communication systems, and weaponry bodes well in the foreseeable future for people with aerospace engineering degrees in terms of jobs and career opportunities.

Collaborate with Aerospace Industry Recruiters to Search for Engineering Jobs

Career Options for Individuals with a Degree in Aerospace EngineeringAerospace engineers looking to initiate or advance their careers within their chosen field will find it highly beneficial to align their job search efforts with a placement agency that has extensive experience and a strong reputation as an aerospace industry recruiter; an agency such as Winters Technical Staffing.  For over 45 years, the staffing specialists at Winters Technical Staffing have supported employers in the aerospace industry in their need to fill jobs with skilled and capable staff in order to stay innovative and competitive in this highly-specialized market.

The professionals from Winters Technical Staffing have established and maintain strong working relationships with employers and hiring managers in the aerospace industry and as a result, are often contracted by these contacts to help them recruit and hire qualified engineers when corresponding needs/jobs arise.  These types of arrangements are often made with an aerospace recruiter like Winters Technical Staffing, without advertising the openings to the general public; this practice helps to streamline and expedite the search process for the employer and can be particularly advantageous to aerospace engineering candidates who are collaborating with a Winters Technical Staffing consultant to find jobs in that sector.

For more information on the specialization of Winters Technical Staffing as an aerospace industry recruiter and the placement of entry-level and experienced engineers, please go to our staffing agency specialties page.

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