7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Staffing Agency

Identifying skilled and competent candidates for your staffing needs is an important yet potentially expensive process. While you certainly want to find the most capable people to join your business, a recruiting effort can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Members of your current staff will need to allocate time away from their everyday duties to advertise the position, screen resumes, interview candidates, make a decision, and on-board the successful applicant – and we all know what can happen if that new hire cannot meet expectations over time.

A staffing agency helps save time, money, and frustration by:

  • Coordinating the entire recruiting process
  • Implementing the entire process
  • Expediting the process
  • Reducing the risk of making a costly (bad) hiring decision

Important Factors When Selecting A Staffing Agency

In many ways, your selection of a staffing agency is just as important as your decision on which candidate is best suited to fill the open position. Choosing an agency that does not completely align with your recruiting needs and philosophies can prove to be just as costly – and not only do you still have an open position, you have to repeat the process of finding another agency as well.

Here are seven key questions to consider before hiring a staffing agency:

  1. Respect and understanding – Do they truly listen to your requirements or are they more interested in just telling you what you need?
  2. Industry experience – How extensive is their current roster of available candidates with the appropriate skill set and experience?
  3. Candidate selection – How thoroughly do they screen and assess their candidates?
  4. Employee satisfaction – How do they recruit, retain and compensate their staff?
  5. Fee structure – Do they charge a placement fee or take a percentage of the wages paid to the employee?
  6. References – What do their other clients say about them?
  7. Guaranteed satisfaction – Are they willing to waive or credit any fees paid for any hires who ultimately do not meet your expectations?

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