More Than 50,000 New Jobs Added Across Canada in May 2017

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Data released recently by Statistics Canada indicates that the number of new jobs across the country demonstrated particularly strong growth in the month of May, to the surprise of many economists and to the delight of many job seekers.

In terms of absolute numbers, there was a net gain of 54,400 jobs throughout Canada in May, resulting from a surge of 77,000 new full-time roles, which more than compensated for a corresponding decrease of 22,300 part-time positions.  By contrast, analysts had conservatively estimated a gain of 11,000 jobs over this same period.

The most significant growth in new jobs was observed in the private sector, primarily in the services industry (31,300) as well as manufacturing (25,300); this was driven by the influx of more than 38,000 young people who secured full-time employment last month.

With respect to the distribution of new full-time positions at a provincial level, the largest increases were recorded in:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec, and
  • British Columbia

Furthermore, the employment data from the month of May reflected marginal increases in hourly wages (1.3%) and in number of hours worked (0.7%) over the same period in the previous year.

Our Experienced Placement Specialists Can Guide and Support Your Job Search

Welding JobsWhile the Statistics Canada data is indeed very encouraging for job seekers, especially in Ontario, it does not diminish the fact that the competition for these new jobs will remain at a high level.  As intimated above, the number of people entering the workforce at this time of the year, notably in the youth and new-graduate age groups, is also increasing and thus expanding the pool of candidates for those employers looking to add new staff.

With this deeper pool of talent available, employers will have the luxury, so to speak, to be more discriminating relative to the individual or individuals whom they decide to bring on board.  Consequently, those candidates will likely require focused and targeted search efforts in order to find the type of employment that meets their respective career goals.

In turn, the experience and expertise of an established employment agency, like Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, can provide the support that candidates need to rise above the crowd and find the right job – and in the most expedient fashion.  The job placement specialists at Winters Technical Staffing maintain an extensive network of contacts within a broad range of employment sectors including the services industry and manufacturing; as a result, they will often have knowledge of employment opportunities that may not be otherwise advertised or accessible to candidates conducting job searches on their own.

With more than 40 years of recruitment and job placement success, the team at Winters Technical Staffing could be a highly beneficial asset for job seekers at various stages of their professional lives, including those who:

  • Will be entering the workforce for the first time
  • Would like to further  or change their career path
  • Want a new challenge and/or learning experience
  • Are open to relocation to support their career goals

Collaborating with a knowledgeable placement specialist from Winters Technical Staffing can open the door to numerous employment prospects, especially in the opportunity-rich markets defined by the latest Statistics Canada data.

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