4 Easy Tips To Writing A Cover Letter

Let’s Crack It!

Recruitment Agencies TorontoWriting a cover letter is perhaps tougher than the job interview itself. Ask anyone in the job market and almost everybody will agree. On the surface, it appears like a simple and quick thing to do— go through the requirements, write a pitch about why you are suited for the role, and that’s it. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

At Winters Technical Staffing, we scrutinize a wide range of cover letters and talk to candidates all the time. The problem is many applicants seem skeptical about whether writing a cover letter will actually improve their chances of getting an interview. If yes, what is the right thing to say in a cover letter?

The best way to look at writing a cover letter is to consider it as the first step to advertise oneself in the job market. We share some real world tips to make this task an exciting one:

  1. Make it creative: Spice it up depending on the position you are applying for. For instance, imagine how you are perfect for the job. The idea is to picture yourself in that position, and invariably the writing process becomes much easier.
  2. Sell yourself: Most people shy away from writing about themselves. Remember, it is all about projecting how different you are; so be at ease when you are describing your experience or accomplishments. Small note of caution – showcase your achievements but don’t show off!
  3. Analyze the job description: A well-articulated cover letter reflects your personality and thought process. Don’t get stressed out by trying to get it right the first time. Start by putting everything that you want to without worrying about the size of the letter. Once you are finished writing and editing it, go through the job description and analyze what interests you about the position. Who knows, you actually might decide that the job doesn’t fit your needs when you dig deep!
  4. Avoid grammatical mistakes: If you have spent some time writing the letter, take a break and then revisit for a final verification. Read it out loud and check if it sounds good.

If you require assistance with writing or revising your cover letters, our recruitment agency is glad to help. Contact us today to get started.

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