Writing Effective Job Descriptions

How to Write Viable Job Descriptions to Attract Talent and Assess Performance

Viable Job DescriptionsThere are many elements that must come together, in synergistic fashion, for employers to enjoy the success to which they aspire; quality products, valued services, recurring or long-standing customers, cost containment, a focused strategic plan, and the effective implementation of that plan, are just some of the dynamics that can influence revenues.

Another vital aspect of this intricate formula that must not be overlooked is the collective aptitude of their employee base; that is, the abilities and contributions of the individuals charged with, for wont of a better term, making it happen. Without suitable and capable people in place, it is likely that many if not all of the factors highlighted above will suffer.

While building the strongest possible team should unquestionably be a priority for any/all employers, there are many who will openly express frustration with an inability to attract and retain top talent. Sometimes, employers will try to rationalize/justify such situations (i.e. make excuses) but truth be told, the onus lies squarely on their own shoulders; and one of the factors that often contributes to this talent shortfall, so to speak, is the lack of clarity and conciseness in their job descriptions. That’s right, their job descriptions.

There is significant value for employers in knowing how to write and communicate clear and succinct job descriptions; these benefits would include:

  • Giving applicants a distinct understanding of any open position(s)
  • Outlining the tasks/duties and accountabilities for particular roles
  • Offering a useful tool for measuring performance/giving feedback
  • Establishing a reference document for resolving disciplinary issues
  • Providing a template re: skills, training for potential advancement

Unfortunately, many job descriptions can be unfavourably affected by one or more of the following, which can bring about frustration, confusion, and/or uneasiness on the part of applicants or current staff and lead them to bypass or leave the company respectively:

  • Ambiguity
  • Contradiction
  • Outdatedness
  • Lack of metrics
  • Incompleteness
  • Excessive information

To avoid such unwanted influences on attracting and retaining top talent, employers can turn to the experience professionals at Winters Technical Staffing, a leading recruitment agency in Toronto for more than 40 years; these specialists can provide valuable insight to those looking for support on how to write practical job descriptions, notably in relation to the information that should, and should not, be included.

Primary Areas of Focus with Respect to How to Write Effective Job Descriptions

Recruitment ServicesAs part of their overall recruitment services, Winters Technical Staffing can assist clients in writing effective job descriptions that will help attract top candidates and subsequently serve as the guiding document for those who are ultimately hired for the particular roles.

The primary areas of focus in terms of how to write these job descriptions will consist of:

  • Job Title
    • Should be self-explanatory and align with common online keyword searches
    • Should not embellish the status of the job nor favour a gender or age group
  • Responsibilities
    • Keep list as short as possible while still containing all the fundamental duties
    • Descriptions should be 1-2 sentences and reflect percentage time allocations
  • Job Skills
    • Limited to activities that can be done based on past training/work experience
  • Competencies
    • The innate characteristics/attributes that the candidate is expected to display
    • Examples of competencies will include leadership, communication, teamwork
  • Relationships
    • Define all reporting relationships i.e. their supervisor and who reports to them
    • Define all working relationships i.e. people/units with whom they will interact
  • Salary/Compensation
    • Stated as a range vs a precise number – competitive with similar types of jobs
    • Range permits some variation based on candidate’s education and experience

By following these recommendations, employers can streamline their recruiting efforts in terms of attracting fewer yet more qualified candidates and accelerating the process to a successful conclusion.

For more information about the scope of recruitment services and resources available to employers from the specialists at Winters Technical Staffing, including their support with how to write effective job descriptions.

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