Utilize An Employment Agency For Professional Advice On Writing Your Resume

Searching for a new job can be a painstaking process. It takes considerable time and effort to complete each of the following steps:

  • Reviewing numerous postings or ads
  • Researching the potential employers
  • Assessing pros/cons of each position
  • Matching requirements to your skills
  • Weighing the location (or relocation)
  • Assessing compensation and benefits
  • Exploring prospects for advancement

and at this point, you still have to write and send a resume and a cover letter expressing your interest in these positions to each of the respective employers.

Sound familiar? If it does, you may find benefit in the resume writing services offered by staffing agencies, particularly if you are seeking a position in Toronto.

Preparing and sending resumes and cover letters can be a painstaking process in its own right. Once you have written an informative package that you believe is representative of your interest, experience, and qualifications for the position, you submit that package (mail, e-mail, or upload) to a faceless and often nameless individual – and await a reply.

Then you repeat this process time and again with several other potential employers – as will an unknown number of other applicants who are also seeking those same positions.

Winters Technical Staffing, a recognized leader among employment agencies in Toronto, can offer professional advice and insight on how to make your resume “stand out from the crowd” and encourage the reviewer/screener to place your resume in the follow-up interview file rather than the no-further-action-required file.

How An Employment Agency Can Help Polish Your Resume And Cover Letter

When preparing your resume and cover letter, while it is undoubtedly important to focus on the content (your educational background, employment history, skills, certifications, accomplishments, etc.), there are many subtle elements that need to be addressed also.

With the professional advice and insight provided by an employment agency, you can polish the following aspects of your resume and/or your cover letter in a tandem effort to “stand out from the crowd” and enhance your chances of securing an interview:

Resume Content

  • Relevance – Tailoring the content to the specific position and employer
  • Clarity – Avoiding ambiguity that might raise questions or concerns

Cover Letter Content

  • Relevance – Tailoring the content to the specific position and employer
  • Motivation – Stimulating the reader to proceed to your actual resume

Polishing Grammar

  • Wording – Using words in their proper context and not merely to impress
  • Structure – Avoiding those rambling or run-on sentences and paragraphs

Proper Punctuation

  • Effect – Knowing when/where to insert punctuation/bolding to emphasize a point
  • Formatting – Applying punctuation correctly for a clean and comprehendible flow


  • Accuracy – Even small typos can have a significant impact on first impressions
  • Proofreading – Avoiding the complacency that comes from relying on spell-check

Choice Of Font

  • Visual Appeal – Selecting fonts that attract readers rather than dissuading them
  • Font Size – Choosing the size that is neither too imposing nor too difficult to read

Length And Format

  • Appropriateness – Focusing on the quality not the quantity of information
  • Professionalism – Succinctness and structure that warrant a thorough read/review

An employment agency can play a significant role in polishing, refining, and tailoring your cover letters and resumes. Getting a professional second opinion and professional resume writing advice can be a worthwhile investment in securing your future livelihood.

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