Useful Etiquette Tips for Job Hunters

Headhunters Can Offer Valued Guidance on Etiquette to Job Hunters in Toronto

Etiquette-jobsIn a recent television commercial, a candidate’s over-confidence, and perhaps a touch of arrogance, leads him to make a disparaging remark about the interviewer’s weight.  The candidate then has the audacity to ask when he can expect to start his new job, to which he is summarily and bluntly told that this will never happen.

While seldom this blatant, candidates can/will derail the probability of securing a position through their attitude, behaviour, and choice of wording during job searches.  Whether these interactions are telephone screening interviews with headhunters/recruiters or face-to-face conversations with hiring managers, job hunters in Toronto must remain keenly aware of their overall demeanor, or their outward manner or conduct, at all times in order to make a favourable impression.

An essential aspect to making such an impression is the preparation of a strong resume, one that is thorough, creative, and specifically targeted to the job/company/industry of interest.  If job hunters are looking for professional feedback and advice on preparing an appropriate and effective resume, they may opt to utilize the services of an employment or job agency such as Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

Beyond this critical stage, headhunters or recruiters from a job agency might offer the following tips to Toronto job seekers with respect to displaying the proper etiquette in the search phase (job fairs, speculative calls, networking events) and particularly during phone and in-person interviews:

  • To begin, tune out distractions – turn off laptops, cellphones, watch alarms, etc.
  • Be courteous and gracious
    • To receptionists, admin assistants, interviewers, hiring managers, etc.
    • Decision-makers may often seek opinions/impressions from other parties
  • Dress appropriately
    • This includes attire and personal grooming – look clean, crisp, and neat
    • If uncertain what to wear, opt for formal business attire – or simply ask
  • Be on time
    • Lateness is a sure-fire red flag – a predictor of future punctuality issues?
    • Call to notify if delayed due to uncontrollable events (like Toronto traffic?)
  • Listen attentively
    • Avoid interjecting or interrupting – listen to the entire statement/question
    • Clarify questions before responding if uncertain about what is being asked
  • Communicate effectively
    • Maintain good eye contact, speak clearly/audibly, use appropriate language
  • Show enthusiasm
    • Demonstrate sincere interest in, and passion for, the job and the company
    • Avoid sounding desperate or appearing too keen (will seem too self-serving)
  • Demonstrate knowledge
    • Take time to prepare – anticipate possible questions about company/industry
  • Show appreciation
    • Thank all parties for their time – in the moment; by sending a follow-up note

While all of the above may simply sound like common-sense behaviours and manners, it is not uncommon for candidates to forego these critical aspects in their efforts to secure employment.  Working in collaboration with headhunters, like the representatives from a job agency such as Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, can assist job seekers in maintaining the proper balance and emphasis on these fundamentals throughout the search process.

Benefits of the Placement Services and Networking of a Job Agency in Toronto

Individuals looking to strengthen their job search efforts and enhance their prospects for a successful outcome can find significant benefit from the services of a placement or job agency like Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.  The experienced headhunters or recruiters from Winters Technical Staffing can offer assistance with the following to locally-based or Toronto-bound job seekers throughout their search process:

  • Preparation of an effective and targeted resume
  • Coaching on proper interview etiquette/behaviour
  • Networking opportunities with targeted employers
  • Access to job opportunities not otherwise posted
  • The coordination of interviews with hiring managers
  • Work preferences – part-time, full-time, temporary

For further information on ways that a job agency such as Winters Technical Staffing can network and coordinate job opportunities with employers in Toronto and the GTA, Click Here.

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